🔶 Monoprice Monolith M570

This is the official thread for the Monoprice Monolith M570.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back


Z Reviews



wow, the props. niceeeeeee. Better than headphones in the 1000$ range! :star_struck: I’ve ordered these and i’m sending the Sendy’s back, for a nice 300$ credit back to my card

Its good to have confirmation that they are as good as Z says. I want to buy headphones in the 1000$ range but cant afford it. this is the next best thing! I love the detail on the Aiva’s and the sound is just fantastic. I love the forward sound of them. A little too aggressive though so looking for a good profile to EQ them down or a good mod. Now that Monoprice are making them i might get one. Sendy being a more obscure company. Monoprice has a history of their headphones being moded.

I agree that these are important headphones. Maybe they can force the industry to drop their prices or make better headphones.

Looks like its time for you to take the plunge Mon

What why I already own the sendy

Also why me and how am I involved

sorry, I though you said you where holding back for these ones

I got the M570 today. It’s way heavier than advertised. It weighs 523 grams on my scale not 420 as listed.

Overall, i think it sounds good thus far. The mids are slightly recessed though. Highs have sizzle but doesnt seem fatiguing to me. I havent really listened at high volume yet.

These are much better than the STOCK phantoms, but after modding, i think they’re close. The Phantoms are still a bit darker sounding than these are.

The weight is pretty heavy for me though… They look great though.

Oh, and someone mentioned Elex. yes. Elex is great. Best headphone for its price.

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I noticed that too, it is slightly on the heavier side, though I can deal with it. (Edit: I have to get used to the weight, I had to switch to a different set after an hour. Edit 2: weight is fine used to it after long 6 hour session) I do like aesthetics and I’m pleased with the sound. Build quality is no joke. It’s definitely worth the $300, no question.

I am curious if the pads are flipped though. Mine had the thicker side towards the back, I found it more comfortable flipping it to the front and it provides a better angle for the drivers.

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It looks really good, and $299 is really good deal too. Maybe Z will replace the B20 on his wall with this.

Wonder if the M1570’s will be worth the extra 300 bucks?..a few more weeks saving might be worth it?

Same. But I can’t imagine putting a 700g headphone on my head…

Once you develop the dent in your head after wearing them, it starts to feel more comfortable lol

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Angled pads are meant to have the thicker side in the back.

They aren’t what I would call heavy.

On the lcd4 I didn’t think it was horrible, but over time I could see it getting a bit uncomfortable. I am just fine with my other heavy headphones though at around 650g

Because they don’t use a suspension headband, the weight is held closer to your head and more evenly distributed. I have zero complaints about the weight of them.

You’ve got to get sendy pads.

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Just checking are you talking about the m1570? Because that’s what @Mason_Hsieh and I are talking about

the pads look identical, why would sendy pads be better?

Probably brings it closer to your head because of the shape and the pads are probably less dense then the stock m570 pads so they squish in a bit more

The foam and shape are different. The pleather material is also slightly different. I go over this in my review of them.

I find myself still more likely to want to spend $300 more for the Aivas purely for aesthetic reasons >_<