Monoprice THX 887

Has anybody found it a little off that we haven’t gotten a review on this… Maybe it’s on Patreon… Do we think this Amp is quietly staying off of “the grid” to sustain the success of relevance of the 789?

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I mean it’s been brought to attention at this point a fair bit, and sounds pretty dang close to the 789

It’s received a ton of attention in this thread and others

I think it’s actually the sp200 that has been stealing the spotlight since they were released at a similar time tbh

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True! I know WE, the community, have been discussing it and keeping up … I just expected to hear something from him by now. But you’ve got a great point on the SMSL and the timing… Just a little odd to me… Wanted to get other thoughts! Do you suspect no foul play or outside factors?

I don’t think so tbh, as it’s pretty much seen as just an actually in stock 789. They are super close. For most people though, the sp200 has a better single ended out and is sometimes 150 cheaper so it’s more hyped and sought after now. I think the sp200 kinda just took the spotlight with it’s features and it’s price as it was released a bit earlier and is more accessible

I got one I like it a lot. The best thing about it is you do not have to wait 3 months or more to get it.

The 887 is not on Patreon yet, I haven’t seen or heard about a review for it otherwise. The SP200 was provided to him by a reseller (per video 2:30), I’m assuming Apos, since he released it as a freeshare the day before 11.11…

I doubt he will buy the 887 out of pocket to do a review and Monoprice doesn’t seem to send out review samples. So unless someone graciously loans him one to review, or enough people get his attention to where he goes out of pocket, I doubt we’ll see a review anytime soon. That is just my observations.

The 887 have a few more features, like a right angled case, and more outs such as the passthrough RCA and additional 3.5mm.

Maybe it’s a good thing not many know of this since it’ll be sold out as ppl are still waiting for THX 789 and those who have OCD with SP 200.

Take it all with a grain of salt, specs alone do NOT equate to sound characteristics and then personal preferences kick in too.

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I read a lot of comparison reviews and stuff that said the 887 may have slightest advantage in clean sound, as it uses a slightly better chip. And it has a tiny bit more power. But you can’t go wrong with either really lol.

Realistically they sound so similar it’s not worth nitpicking over. Just go for the one that has the better price or is more readily available lol


Agreed. But personally, I like the aesthetics of the 887 more. Just personal preference though lol.


And not to mention the MUCH smaller size.

At the trade off of an off putting (offsetting) design lol

I don’t even notice that as it’s within the “shelving”.:smile:

When I first showed it my wife, I said “What do you think of this?” She didn’t even notice the odd shape. Of course she doesn’t give a shit about audio gear so…

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Yet, One of these days she’ll suddenly realize your spending habit and be shook, If shes not a audio person.

It seems to me this Amp is off the radar since many ppl either have the 789 or the SP200. I just want a comparison to the 789 non graph wise. Just wondering if amps will go bad if you have interruptible power supply, like say the country you live in have sudden power outages.

They sound super identical (the 887 and 789) just get the one you want or the one that’s more available (or which you can get a better deal on)

She is already not impressed, to say the least. But if this is my worst vice, it can’t be that bad.:smile:

I got the 887 over the 789 because it has slightly better measurements and a much better warranty. I love it.


Nice, glad you like it :+1:

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Zeos already got his hands on the amp. I expect price to soar once those who haven’t gotten a 789 hear of it.