What Is happening?! M1570, M1070, M570 from Monoprice THX AAA 887 Too!

Well I was caught off guard but::

M1570(600$): https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=39416

M1070(400$): https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=39414

M570(300$): https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=39256

THX 887(400$):https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=39359

EDIT: Shout out to Mon in the comments for the 887 find!
I love the new look!(On everything :D)


Hmmm, I see they are upping their game. I’m excited to read the reviews once they hit the streets.

Very nice! They took (another) page from Audeze’s book with the angled cable hookups. Headband looks great too

My god did they release another sendy clone with the m570. And those pads are actually super close to the sendy it seems

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And the 1070 and 1570 are clone focal headbands. And the 1570 is directly ripping off the audeze connector design


Yea my thoughts exactly! Daddy want!

And the 1570 is 700g??? Are they going for the lcd 4??? Although different impedance but still pretty similar specs imo

And the 1570 is 700g??? Are they going for the lcd 4??? Although different impedance but still pretty similar specs imo

Now we don’t want to trigger anyone with talk like that lol, it would be cool if they are trying to reach higher up designs and make them affordable, its nasty but i like it at the same time :frowning:

I’m super curious at sound now though!

Well that’s a whole lotta weight, so most likely a whole lotta magnet. And I mean cmon those connectors are very very similar looking to audeze. The M1070 looks like it would probably be a similar driver to the m1060c or m1060, but the 1570 looks like they just said fuck it and decided to clone a high end audeze. Same freq response range, similar magnet structures I would guess, same thd, pretty much the same sensitivity. Doesn’t mean it will sound the same though as we have learned with the m1060

Also the m570 is pretty much identical to the sendy with the pads, same driver, same wood type, so that has a chance of sounding close. They even weigh the same lol


Yea I think the 200ish grams of weight is coming from more magnets and the better housing, I can see it. And yea its like 95% Audeze at that point. I own LCD2 Classics, but still I’m not a fan of Audeze being di_ks with their pads because I wanted to see about different sounds for the Classic and they effectively denied me that as their customer.

AKA so I’m largely fine with monoprice, Its like using the piracy argument in gaming, was I really going to be your customer etc. I have owned M1060s and Audeze at this point.

OOSHIITTT, 789 clone with better thx 887 (perhaps add this to the title as well lol)


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WTF!? Wow, I’m curious to see what type of AAA chip they use, as THX didn’t have a listing for that one, just like the 789, thier official specis the 788 so thats wild west levels of fun right there. THX is playing both sides 100% now lolololol.

EDIT: I got you Mon :wink: Good find!

Razer doesn’t care lol. Whatever makes thx more profitable

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Also, when was this released? Another Alex Cavalli amp? But with a built in dac?


Yea 1k$ is just nuts to me though, I mean I’m working on some US built amps(tube) with my dad, but still Alex’s designs must be like holy grail worthy or something smh. My THX 788 should hold up etc. at half the cost.

EDIT: you want me to slap that up there too Mon?

TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if they took another stab at massdrop and released a ladder dac.

That’s probably not as important as you already have the main attractions in the title anyway. If people don’t get sucked in already, I don’t think the cavalli amp will make them look lol

And damn, I thought the hype hurricane of the phantoms was starting to slow.

So now we transition from the phantom era to the monolith era of the HifiGuides forum

Its Drop now…! lol
Oh yea man like that would make me laugh so hard! I would be interested in hearing a ladder dac at some point so more power to them if they bring the competition in that space too.

And yea your right the 1k amp is not for general consumption when you consider the THX tech is 60% cheaper lol.

EDIT: Hey blame r/headphones, I can shout quick and loud lol. I’m mildly hype for these new products so we will see the slow rollout due to the release dates they have.