Moondrop Aria no audio on one side

Hi there all.

I got my Arias a while back, and they worked perfectly fine, but recently my left IEM has a way of slowly lowering the value until you can’t hear a thing, I would have to leave it our of my ear for around 30 minutes to get most of the value back again.

I currently live in the Philippines and it’s humid, but even with aircon on it happens. I have heard that there is some BA’s that have a overheating problem, which causes them to go down in volume.

So my question is, what would cause this in my left IEM only?

  1. Is it the metal housing causing the drivers to act up, is that’s the case, why does not left not have this problem.
  2. I tried other cables, I did the stock cable, but daily the JCALLY JC08P 8-Core straight pin.
  3. I use a zan dac for amp / dac.
  4. I changed filters, checked and cleared the vents…etc.

Any ideas?

This may be the reason for it. Arias are a single DD so you shouldn’t worry about overheating. If I were you, I would RMA this ASAP.

If the connector was faulty as in the image, you would either have no sound at all or a lot of crackling if the contact was loose.

I don’t know what could cause a gradual lowering in volume… sounds like a faulty capacitor to me, but afaik, there aren’t capacitors in headphones.

Could it be the source? Can you try the aria with a different source (smartphone for example)? Alternatively you could try your current source with a different headphone.

EDIT: This doesn’t relate to the question, but… WTF… i just realize now, that the cables in the aria’s picture aren’t isolated? I hope they are coated at least, otherwise it’s basically asking for a shortcircuit, if this is how every aria looks inside.

Could be moisture buildup in the nozzle (if there’s a filter).

Yeah no there is no problem like that image, my arias has been open and the cables are perfectly fine.

The source is not the problem, I tried other IEMs on my system, tried the IEM with my phone and it’s still the same problem.

I was wondering if this could be the problem, do you think that removing the filter would help?

Probably but the tuning will most likely change with(out) it.

Moondrop sells replacement filters too

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I think the aria shipped with replacement filters!?

I have replaced the stock filters as well, since like you mentioned they come with a lot of them in the box. I replaced them to see if there is a difference.

I wonder if it’s to do with the moisture. It only happens after a couple hours of use, and letting it sit for 30 minutes or so resets the volume. So i really think it’s to do with something like moisture, it makes logical sense.

I wonder if other tips would make a difference, I’m currently using spinfits. They seal really well.

I will add that the IEM’s opened up a while back and i took pictures to show what they look like inside.

The problem happened before they were open. So it’s not the closing of the units that cause the problem.

Do you guys see anything that could be a problem on the left hand driver? The connection points do look a little darker on the solder points

Oh the wire going from the connector to the drive has a thin coat around them if i’m not mistaken

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Any update? I started getting the moisture problem only after a few weeks, and 2 months later, since a day, my left ear piece has no sound at all, did the usual trick removing the filters, tried to remove moisture, didn’t work no sound at all, Its probably dead tho I am not 100 percent sure. I wonder if repair is possible at all, sending these back to china would be a big pain.

Update, the left pair is indeed dead. I will just keep it in case I find someone that repairs iems, for the time being I’ll just get a replacement for the left pair.

what method have u used to open them

That type of issue must have been a pain in the ass in the long run and I prefer losing my paint on my Arias than losing a sound on a piece. That is the problem with Moondrop when it comes to their QCs and that’s their fatal flaw that simmered down my positive reception towards them, nowadays I am getting IEMs that are not from Moondrop, unless they straighten up and fix their flaws.