🔶 Moondrop Aria


Hmmm. Placing bets on - cost more than startfield. More diffuse field-like than harman in upper mids (i.e. SSR/SSP upgrade).

Whatever it is looking forward to it!

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I believe thats the new Aria with an LCP driver.

oh maybe so. Says “Aria.” Nice.

oh right. It was the Aria lol.

giveaway comes: https://www.facebook.com/MoondropLab/photos/a.453624225397546/929124311180866/

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Once you go black, you never go back
first my fh3 now this !!

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It’s already up on HiFiGo, but I’m waiting to see reviews. No use buying something that isn’t better than a pair of tin t2’s. Only $80, and it’s using a 2 pin. That’s a point in favor of the Aria’s.

  • Obvious comparison to the Starfield here: yes, they are… very similar. It’s honestly hard to tell between the two and if I do it’s clearly not by tuning, but rather the subtle differences in how each presents their respective images.
    • The Starfield has slightly more narrow soundstage but more precise imaging, whereas the Aria can get impressively wide but at the cost of positional accuracy.
  • Otherwise yeah, another solid budget DD from Moondrop. The Aria and the rest of the DDs are definitely suffering from Same Face Syndrome at this point, but I can’t really fault it especially when it all comes with a price cut. If anything else, Moondrop’s embodying the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy to a T.

More redundancy into the lineup thats already has a lot of redundancy…

At least they reduced the price.

True maybe I’ll pick them up for just to hear the starfield for cheap… when I have the money. I just spent money on a used Dt 770 pro, pads for the shp 9500, and a replacement headband for my m1060c’s. It’s probably only like $200, but right now I’m a little broke. I’m guessing you’ve listened to both the tin t2 and the starfields at one point. How do they compare in terms of clarity and sound signature?

I havent heard them actually. But I got the Tin T3 and the Moondrop KXXS and the KXXS is beating the T3 pretty hard.

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Alright that is good info thanks!

No problem. I would definitely wait for more info before dropping money on something that just came out.

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I mean… Yeah… I understand finding ways to make things cheaper, but… Some change or innovation would be great. Something to make me feel like it would be great to pick up the new thing to try it out, and not find myself with a different colored and cheaper version of this thing I already had.

Exactly. If they already got a working model, then why release essentially the same thing? That comes across as just a cash grab IMO. They should release stuff thats different from their existing iems, that way they can grab more people and avoid redundancy.

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Given that they have (from my understanding) 4 IEMs that are basically samesies. KXXS, KXXX, Starfield, and now the Aria. This isnt to mention the SSR and SSP.

yup, those 4 are basically the same but in different price ranges lol.

Although the SSR and SSP are different from those 4 at least…

True, though from my understanding, they really aren’t that different from each other in price or sound