🔶 Moondrop Aria

New review of the Aria. First one saying it is different than the Starfield. (at least in a relevant way)

Also, noticed there is no official thread, maybe someone could do it? @Ohmboy, @WaveTheory, or @M0N?

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A nice review of Aria. Sounds like a proper upgrade from BLON bl03.

I am trying to figure out the nozzle tips measurements for the Aria’s. Anyone know? I am having trouble finding it online. I am going down the dark road of tip rolling, haha!

Got these two weeks ago now, listening to them through the Khadas Tone 2 Pro, or FIIO BTR5 so far.
I do enjoy the sound but can’t tell the difference in sound signature from these and the Starfields.
The aria’s are a bit more comfortable to wear though for longer listening sessions, less heavy too.

I am really liking the Aria’s too! I did get a pair of Spinfit tips, super comfortable.

Glad you’re liking them, I love the looks as well they look beautiful along with my Moondrop Starfields. I just hope the paint from the Arias won’t chipped off like mine.

hey guys , i hope everyone is doing okay , i have a question i bought the Moondrop aria and they r getting shipped , but i have a question , does the Moondrop aria need an amp and if it does which amp should i get for it

It’s easy to drive just like the Moondrop Starfields, therefore not necessarily needed. I am able to power it up fine with just my android phone and it sounds good, though with a DAC or AMP it can do more wonders to it, it wouldn’t hurt doing it.

has anyone compared the aria to the tin t2? looking to get these after using the t2s for so long


Since the Arias and the Starfields have the same sound signature mostly, except for the Aria’s treble a bit more alive compared to the Starfields. Also this is coming from a guy who owns both the T2s and Starfields, and I am going to use the Starfields as a comparison to it.

It is an improved version of the T2s, meaning on what parts that the T2s were lacking are improved to the Starfields, therefore replacing my T2s as my daily driver for use.

I am sure you will get the same result as me with the Arias.

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Zeos just did, and he said for the sub $100 range, this replaces his recommendation for the T2


…I feel conflicted, I already have the Starfields which I also considered as an upgrade from the T2s as well, and with that being said that the Arias as well are like that but has a more “in your face” sounds according to him, I have to hear it for myself and consider checking it out for myself once I got some mullah again of course.

I recieved my Arias 2 days ago. For now, the’re my favorite iem.

I still have to spend time with them, and I can already feel some things aren’t perfect for my taste, but for now I really enjoy them.

A shadow in this great picture is that the connector on the left iem is wiggly… I won’t change the cable anytime soon on these earphones, I’m too afraid to break something. And since I order them on Aliexpress, I think sending them back would cost me too much.

I’m not sure about the cause of this: I slept with them, they fell on my desck from 30cm high, so the fault could be on me.

I’m still sitting on the idea of getting an Aria…

People and Zeos have compared it with T2s, but I have the Blon BL-05s, Tin T4, and QKZ VK4, and my appreciation list for all the IEMs I own would be: Blon BL-05s > T4 ≒ T2 > VK4.

Can anyone compare the Aria with any IEMs mentioned above besides T2?
My sound signature preference is between Harman curve and neutral / clear / wide / imaging / warm treble (KZ is big no no for me).

DMS just reviewed the Aria and claims they are as good as $500 IEM’s. Hype train coming!

I just ordered a pair, couldn’t help myself haha. I’ll share impressions when they come in and I’ve had a chance to hear them. And after I get through a bunch of others I still need to review!


Thanks! Looking forward to your reviews!

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This Aria is so good makes me wanna sell my entire IEM collection lol

Looking forward to you guys impressions. The hype train trying to take over my wallet

I mean… The Aria’s pricing kind of makes it a wallet saving hype, if you do like it when you get it. It’s priced much lower than IEMs it competes with. Harman tuning isn’t my preference, but if it was…

Fuck! I was looking forward on getting the BLON BL-A8 Prometheus instead of the ARIAs since I already have the Moondrop Starfields and both according to some owners of both have similar sound signatures, is just that the ARIAs are tuned more on the fun-side I think?

Also the fact that I love my Starfields might incline me to get the ARIAs instead of the Prometheus.