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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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Z Reviews…


I’m not good at reviewing audio stuff, Just a music fan in general. I just got my Moondrop B2. I always wish that I can only have 1 iems for all genres, well it came true! I just sold the rest of my iems.
I always have 2 iems and 2 headphones 1 neutral and 1 for fun.For iem i do have Drop JVC FDX1(neutral but not for EDM and hip-hop) and FH5(absolutely fun iem for EDM and HIPHOP but not much for other genres like classic rock,country,vocals,etc.Well Moondrop Blessing 2 can do it both at least on my ears

Crins Review


Nice!!! I’ve really gotten interested in these recently. Eyeing them as my next potential IEM upgrade.

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They are definitely an upgrade

nice. I’ve also got my eye on a pair of these at some point, really enjoying all the positive feedback I’ve been hearing about this set.


Nice. If anyone here listened to both, i would really like a comparison between the B2 and the Andromedas. Specially regarding soundstage, imaging and separation


Another 3 way comparison…

I am actually sensitive to treble.I did actually sleep while listening to b2.they are relax iem IMO.

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Agree 100% with that :+1:

I mean so far the dude is spot on for the ones I like the most. The only exception is the oh10, which I feel is much higher than B tier, butpersonal opinions yada yadda yada lmao

The OH-1 and OH-10 are both really good, I agree. I liked the Ikko enough to sell my Campfire Orion actually.

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I use Chris as a reference point, I know his sound sig preferences (which don’t a-line with mine) I know and like his music library so that gives me a good idea of what I’ll like when it comes to sets he reviews.

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Makes sense, like I’m the same for the opposite reason

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What headphones have you heard, where you thought the treble was too much? Or OK?
DT770, DT880, DT990, DT1990, T1
HE-500, HE-560
AD700X, AD900X, AD1000X, AD2000X
Grado anything
Stax L300
Tin T3

Anyone have any opinions on how the blessing 2 would fare against fiio’s FH7? I prefer a balanced sound (think dt1990).

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Zeos also did a review which no one bothered to post lol.

Interestingly, Zeos wasn’t a fan because he found the sound signature to sound off or something. Normally he isn’t picky when it comes to that stuff. Meanwhile Max Settings gave it high praise saying they could compete with $1000 IEMs. I will have to add these to my consideration list.


Review from crinacle


I think because he used his dekoni foam tips and probably he uses the balanced cables (dot) markings on the wrong sides like all dot markers should be pointing all downwards or all upwards(thats why he think some BA used are off.I have tons of eartips for b2 and I think diff tips and sizes affects its sound IMO(i like the default ones and some JVC spiral tips), Also they don’t benefit at all on balanced mode IMO they just dont need it,it just adds more noise while using balanced using my R6 Pro

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