Moondrop-KXXS (Kanas Pro Replacment?)

Hey everyone, drawing attention to the potential replacement for the Kanas Pro at 10$ more expensive. This is at the same price as the brand new Ikko OH10(190$) as well. Its good glorious packaging as well but looks similar to the Kanas Pro.

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I recently got a pair of these. It’s a very nice IEM. The bass has good impact and the entire sound is comfortable. You could listen to music for a while without fatigue with these. While not having as much detail as something like the P1 it doesn’t seem to leave you wanting more. The sound is V shaped and the treble is not sibilant.

I think Zeos will approve of the art on the box.

Yes but he would give out about the cable. It retains curves and is hard to straighten out. In other words it’s janky.

I personally also liked the cable on the kanas pro better imo. But the kxxs had the better sound

What is the difference in sound between the two?

The kxxs is more refined in the sound signature with slightly more detail. Similar but the kanas pro is warmer and a bit more bloated

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Do these need an amp? Was thinking of getting these but only going to drive them with my Fiio BTR3.