Moondrop Starfield (TinHiFi T4 Killer?)

Anyone tried these?
Prime Audio Reviews said that landed on best iems list of Jan. 2020
Moondrop’s Starfield is musical, detailed and airy. It has strong technical performance and a sound signature that’s engaging yet silky smooth.


Interesting :thinking:

looks interesting but if they are going for a smooth less analytical sound I would hesitate to call them a killer.

Here is another review:

These are on my list, may be the only moondrops I pick up. I love the look! This, the tri i3, the stellar, and the 5ba guideray are all like gimmie, gimme gimme lol

Review from PrimeAudio

That review was semi-cringe, at least the comparisons were good overall, thanks for the info! :smiley:

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Moondrop Starfield review from

damn the Starfield logo reminds me of Starbound, I hope their logo inspired from Starbound instead of blatantly copying them. Also these IEMs look interesting but alas I need to lay off my IEM purchase barrage for now, for I am more focused on buying some new cans atm.

After Spring 1, I might buy this set next… looks gorgeous and i never bought anything from moondrop yet.

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It’s not “airy” if that means what it should and has a sense of space and air around you. It does not graph like that or sound like that. KxxS with great pain job. Which is a good set (KxxS)

Moondrop Starfield Review from headphonesty.