🔶 Moondrop x Crinacle DUSK

Agree…Just watched the ZeoS vid and he said the same thing🤙


Relying on chifi app support for dsp + persistent moondrop qc issues makes for an easy skip


That is the concern. If the app is good it makes or breaks the iem. I don’t really love listening to an EQ’ed Wired iem. Feels like cheatin’! Just Eq to the Crin DSP.
Again, I’m getting one and I hope it’s good. But it’s a concern…

Would love to try it. But,my setup I have to use an extension adapter from my amp. So no beans for me,since wouldn’t be able to try out the different tunings. O well

oh boy yeah, the apps from these chinese companies really do suck…

If only Qudelix could show them the way.


This is my issue with DSP with wired stuff. You are removing one of the advantages of wired, that is being able to use it across multiple systems without issues and you cant for example use it with any TWS adapters.


Biggest reason I’m not in a rush to buy Dusk, can’t plug DSP to my go Blu at least I think you can’t

Even if it was possible then it’d still be iffy since like you said, it’s not as easy to take advantage of. All my IEMs get plugged to my Magnius lol

The hype machine be churning on this set. I can imagine the Timeless 2 will have similar hype.

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I’d be hyped for timeless if I liked it’s aesthetics, kinda same for Dusk right now so I’m just chillin

I’m equally hyped for Aurora (12mm DD/2BA/1 Planar)
I can’t see it be over $299 (now that Dusk exists), nor under $199 so my best guess is $249 at most.

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If you are going 3.5 only and not USB this becomes a set that sounds good like others.
The USB / DSP makes this set.
The day I got it and listened to 3.5 I felt nothing good or bad.
Yesterday was very rainy so had xtra time. Played w/ Diffuse tilt and Bass+ after charging my old phone and BOOM…wow

App only accepts negative values in PEQ so you are fuc*ed if you wanna boost bass even more.
That sucks. Or be good at maths…really good.
Diffuse tilt and Bass+ ?? mmmm :pinched_fingers:


Qudelix really is some amazing software. Though my only problem with it is every few updates will break all my EQ settings so I need to re-do them all again! :sob:

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I’ll keep an eye out for that definitely

That makes it a hard sell since my phone’s USB-C port is loose so my dongles cut out audio,hard to upgrade too since I need an SD Card slot and I’m not losing my 3.5mm jack.
It’s definitely a pick it up when I got dosh laying around for now on my list

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There in lies the problem, I’m pretty sure most folk that are happy dropping $360 on a set of IEM’s are probably already using a dongle, dap or desktop set up none of these generally have a usb out but already have either pre-set eq or eq software available if they wish to use it.
And a real deal breaker for some will be that the set alone is just meh? and doesn’t come with a modular cable system (ie no 4.4mm) at this price is just crazy…I wish him luck with this set but I think he’s alienated quite a few audiophiles with this release :man_shrugging:


If you have a DAP or dongle you can probably just do the EQ yourself. Crinacle posted elsewhere that the default DSP EQ is this

  • 1400Hz, -3dB, 0.8Q
  • 5400Hz, -3dB, 2.0Q
  • 14000Hz, -5dB, 2.0Q

Maybe he’s able to post the other profiles as well :thinking:


Yes, the Hype is strong with this one. Too strong if you ask me.

Marketdisrupter here, marketbreaker there, a lot of gaming related reviewers, oh that great DSP cable (as if using EQ was newly discovered) and so on


Resolve had some issues with the treble, calling it “crunchy”. Improved with dsp though.

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Kinda of a side-topic/observation soz but between the Q5K and MacBook+EqMac, I’m finding EQ values don’t transfer over well between the two, esp in the bass (Q5K needs less, suggesting its a warmer?).

Another side-point, I found the sound out of the M2 chip MacBook air 3.5mm jack substantially improved to their older models. Could be my brain playing tricks - I’m new to experimenting with sources but it seems to me, it matters where you start in terms of the base sound sig of the source and also its circuitry’s/amp’s ability to handle EQ. Really wanted to like the Q5K (app is awesome) but it can’t seem to handle aggressive EQ as cleanly as the mac, so it’s starting to collect dust sadly.

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@SideSaladAudio Jamies take…


It’s possible the MacBook or Q5K is doing some extra DSP aside from just the EQ but you’d have to measure to make sure :person_shrugging:t2:
Cause I know windows on my laptop was doing that making me pull my hair out when I was setting up my 711 coupler with REW :rage:

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