More $50-$100 gambles or go for the good stuff?

Tin T4, or Fiio FH7. Someone facking help plz

Already have the T2, KS ZS10 Pro, and BGVP DMG (for sale) and none of these really “do it” for me. They have their strengths and weaknesses, but I want an IEM that does it all.

I want clarity, neutrality, BASS, good fit and build, and a nice carrying case.

Well the FH7 is around 450 where the T4 is like 100 bucks lol so I would say it depends on budget. I don’t think the t4 is going to compete with the fh7 imo (but you never know)

That’s kinda my point. Should I take the chance I’ll be happy with the T4’s, or just quit “wasting” money and jump up a couple tiers.

Well I don’t think you would be wasting money on either, I would just say it would depend on what type of sound you want. I would wait for more info on the t4 and then make a decision

I think you would have less chance of having an issue with the FH7 as it is a great all rounder. I don’t know about the t4 yet

I mean if all these cheap iems aren’t doing it for you and considering the tin t series isn’t known for particularly amazing bass I think might as well get the FH7. No? Its a huge price jump lol but if nothing else floats your boat and you keep and keep buying other iems. But you gotta question is the sound quality good enough to justify the crazy price difference? Just figure that out before the return period ends

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According to BGGA THE T4are the same sound signature as the BLON 03 with a better fit .In my experience that is what the t2 were lacking in their sound signature, the bass.So the question is do you want to take a 79$ on the t4 or 400$ on fh7?Dude coming from someone with the Blon ,t2 and the kzs10pro, I’d gamble on the t4.Based on your situation,but I got the BLON3 and the fit is good on me .So as of now I got 79$ safe in my pocket.

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He did say that the Blon has more bass tho, which I may prefer as long as it’s clean and controlled and not muddy.

IDK I’m loving the LCD-1 so much I’m really looking for an IEM that has a similar frequency response i.e. pretty flat up to 7-8 k with a reasonable sub bass emphasis. Or at least bass not rolled off.

Just because it has a similar signature doesn’t mean it has similar detail, soundstage and imaging capabilities, or other aspects like speed, dynamic range, transients, etc

Watch the semi review to get a better handle of what see says.If your familiar with his likes regarding sound then you could relate the message he is getting across.As far as my statement it was to highlight the added bass to the t4,No shit the same sound signature plus bass creates a domino effect regarding sound ,detail sound stage,width space whatever,thanks for stating the obvious.Plus how are you going to tell someone it’s not a waste of money to gamble in 500$ item compared to a 80$ .What reasoning is behind that?Do you know what music he listens to?Do you know what sound signature he likes?who do you work for?

I’m in similar situation and decided to simply stop buying anything until I save enough money for the big league. (Unless of course if someone comes up with a $100 that absolutely kills, say $500s in every way).


How about neither and go for something inbetween like the obravo cupid? The cupids have been my daily driver for the last few weeks and I have to say they are magical at times. Very unique sound signature, doesn’t really quite sound like anything I’ve heard before. In a good way.

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So I had watched Z’s review of the Cupid’s a while back but didn’t really pay much attention honestly. In researching these more, they may really be my cup of tea. I feel like excellent bass, holographic sound stage, and inoffensive treble would really keep me happy. I haven’t heard a lot of comments about the resolving ability of these, but people say the convey the emotion of the music very well.

Plus the price is right in my sweet spot. I don’t really care to spend 450 on a blind buy even tho money isn’t really an issue at this price point. But 269 and being able to audition and return if I don’t like them thru bloom audio is very intriguing. Thanks for recc’ing them.


No problem, I honestly feel like Z underhyped/undersold these quite a bit. He gave them a good review but it just seemed like the hype wasn’t there for him because it didn’t fit into the sub 150 dollar hype train range he likes to rave about…


I hear you there. I lost it when he said it sounded like he took amazing studio monitors with him into a sewer and it was echoing all around, but in a good way. Quite the word picture.

I really think I’m gonna give these a go.


Who pissed in your meal?


It must not be obvious because if you tweak a signature, everything else does not magically improve, there is more to audio then a sound signature

Well so far I have mainly said I think the FH7 is great for it’s price and covers what he asked for (an iem that does it all, which I think the FH7 does well). I didn’t advise against the t4, but I didn’t advocate for it. I, like most people, have not heard it yet. I suggested he wait for more reviews before he makes a decision. Do you know what music he listens to? Do you know what signature he likes? Well he does say it in his original post

Also I would assume most people would take an opinion as a single opinion and not make an assumption off of just one.

Edit: Also I should say that gregrob based off of his previous posts knows what good sound is (at least I would think so lol) and this clearly isn’t his first iem or anything like that, so it would make sense that he is looking into a higher end iem that will be an improvement for him even if that might be on the pricey side. Not dissing any specific iem or headphone here, but time and time again I see some new chifi or hyped product come out that people claim beats stuff 2x it’s price. While I have no real problems with this, I see people looking for greatness buy these products and figure out over time that it’s really worth what it had cost’s in the first place and does not replace the higher end product it was typically compared to. It typically just comes down to preference and the idea that you get around what you pay for (for the most part). I really don’t see many items actually punching well above their price range, and if I do, they typically become the benchmark for that price range and become mainstays


Nani? What are you talking about?

Like I stated before I mentioned the t4 because he said the the detailed t2 lacked the bass,he has the kzs10pro and the dmg.Which aren’t as detailed as the t2 but have the bass.That being based on the giver semi review of the t4 being compared to the blon3 .Which is a sound that fit into the description Of what he is after makes the t4 a easy cheap reck.Compared to a 500$ gamble.Thats the advise that I am putting out there.Crinicle also put out a review if you want to look into that to help your decision.My mistake was not including all the details BGGA also mentioned regarding detail to the sound and what not but hey to late look into the video for further info.

My problem is not your opinion, your tone was evidently rude and keyboard warrior-esque. Learn to play nice with others instead of shitting on them, maybe in your view you are actually being nice. Ok, great but if so understand that that is not how it comes off

BGGAR’s FH7 v’s S8F his personal audio scores :+1: