Most comfortable headphones for extended use

What headphones would you deem the most comfortable for long listening sessions? I think I’ve discovered that my ears don’t really like round pads, so ideally I’d like recommendations for headphones with oval/ear shaped pads, preferably they be deep too.

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Have you tried Sennhesier’s 5__ or 6__ series?

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I have not. I have considered trying the 560s because I hear they’ve got better imaging and soundstage compared to other popular Sennheisers like the 600 and that’s something that’s important to me.

edit: I’ve also heard Senns have a bit of a clamp problem for some people which would probably include me since I have a large head

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forgot to quote you here

Clamp is a part of the design, but the 6__ series allows you to bend a lot of the clamp out in the arms, where the 5__ does not.
You are correct in assessment of staging on 6__ series.
Are we looking exclusively for open-backs then?
How are we using them, running off what?

Probably open-backs, yes. I use the Schiit Heresy.

Check out Dan Clark?
Round but huge pads on the HarmonicDyne Zeus, with good spatial performance.
What are you coming from and what is your preferred signature?

One think most people agree on is that something like the Dan Clark aeon open x or the RT are some of the most comfortable HP one can get


DCA anything or gl2k but the gl2k isn’t really something I’d recommend people buy lol

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DCA anything are very comfortable yeah, Sennheiser 6 series is fantastic, they do have clamp but you can mitigate that. 5 Series too me is perfect in clamp and overall comfort. It’s just that design for me personally that I love for long wearing sessions. Both the 6 series and 5 series top padding on the head is basically prefect as well.

I’ve never heard anyone deem DCA or Audioquest HPs uncomfortable.

Dan Clark Audio and Audioquest

My Aeons are so comfortable, Nighthawks are also great, but not made anymore (?? IIRC ??)

Dan Clark Aeon 2’s very comfy…sound well thats subjective.
Meze Emperyeans…very comfy…more $$$
Audio Technica ADX 5000, very comfy $$$
HD 800 series…very comfy

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DCA Aeon’s are crazy comfortable

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Personally I find the 1990s, and the LCD series to be insanely comfortable.

I’m personally a huge fan of the comfort of the the Beyerdynamic tygr 300r but that does not seem to be universal.

T50RPs with Alpha pads and the comfort strap.

Honestly, all stock pads that I’ve tried aren’t deep enough for me. I prefer my ears to float within cups. I haven’t had many stock pads that achieve that without issues. Aftermarket is the way to go, IMHO. Something with >1inch depth, and greater to account for pads spmooshing in. Alpha pads at their deepest are like 1.5inches.

Personally, I wear earphones for like 4+ hours a day with glasses when I’m working. Started with IEMs as the cables don’t cause issue with my glasses frames, but pulling them out and putting them in many times during the day causes a ton of irritation even with the best tips. Because of that, I use earbuds for long term comfort. Some earbuds, especially DIY stuff are absurdly comfortable for long sessions–and DIY stuff can be dirt cheap for TOTL tuning. I pulled off like 10 hours between work, listening to music, and gaming with no irritation or discomfort.


There’s a very irresponsible part of my brain that looks at the Empyreans and thinks “y’know, you do have enough money in your savings account…”


Senneheisers HD58x is extremely comfortable

I see a lot of people recommending Dan Clarks and Argons. How do they compare in terms of sound? I plan on using them for music listening and single player gaming. I know Argons are known for their wide soundstage, but how do the open back Dan Clarks compare in that regard?