Most "Planar" sounding planar for ~$600

I’ve been curious about the “planar” sound for a while and have been wanting to try a set of planar headphones but don’t really want another sub $200 headphone as I have enough of those. I’m not really at all concerned with sound signature (other than NO Harman target tunings) as much as I am with the characteristic planar sound, though I do very much love my TR-X00 PH if you have a recommendation that might sound like that or compliment it well. The most I would be willing to spend would be $800.

Thanks for any help


sundara probably

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Well, do you have a tiny idea for a signature you are looking for lol? I would say a used lcd 2.2 or edition xx/Ananda if you wanted something that sounded like a planar lol

The x00 biodyna sound is harder to achieve with a planar because the way it slams and the timbre is somewhat unique to biodynamics, but you could get a slight v shaped signature if you wanted


I’ve been looking at Audeze stuff but I’m kind of afraid they met be a bit to dark for my preference but I don’t know. If I had to pick a sound signature I would say something with good planar bass, at least desent mids (like the purple hearts), and at least Sennheiser HD58X treble. So I guess a V shape but like I said, I’m just concerned with the “planar” sound so a mid-forward or bright sound would be fine if it still exemplifies that “planar” sound.

Hmmm, I would say something like an lcd x might be up your alley but it’s more expensive than you want to spend, finding a lcd 2 fazor might be something to look at as imo it’s def not as dark as the older audeze. The hifiman edition xx or hex v2 if you wanted something a bit warmer and not as bright, and if you wanted something brighter, the ananda.

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I’ve seen you mention the LCD 2.1 and 2.2. what does that mean?

How about the Aeon Flow X? I would’ve just said the Aeon 2 but that’s $900.

They are different revisions of the lcd 2, and there are many different silent revisions and batch differences as well. The 2.1 is the oldest version and that’s where the lcd’s are dark thing started, as it’s very dark and bassy lol, also not that refined tbh, personally I would avoid this one. The lcd 2.2 non fazor is my favorite, not as refined but also very enjoyable and not too dark, this is more planar fun and relax. There is a 2.2 fazor version that really cleans up the sound and increases treble presence and technicalities but looses a bit of impact and fun at the same time, the rest of the lcd 2 revisions are fazored so they aren’t drastically different

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Imo that would kinda give a good example of some of the aspects of a less than ideal planar with dynamic range compression, a more boring sound, and also not that wide or open sounding

So if I where to buy an LCD 2 new from Audeze it would ba 2.2 fazor and to get a non fazor 2.2 I would have buy a used one?

Looking at the price on the Audeze site I would have to look for used either way.

It actually wouldn’t be a 2.2, that’s an older model. I am not super up to date with the revisions lol. You would be getting a nice fazored lcd2 with the more comfy suspension strap headband, to find a 2.2 non fazor you would have to look used

You can typically find used for a good price, one sec

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Are you in the US?

Yes, I am in the USA. Also what is that one used HiFi site called, like HiFi shark or something like that?

How do you feel about the LCD 2 classic?

So imo it’s more impactful but also not as refined and accurate as the lcd 2. It’s also darker, personally I prefer a lcd 2 as they can be found for a similar price used most of the time. If your goal is a darker bassy and midrange heavy wide sound, the 2 classic is for you. If you want something that’s less dark and also more refined and controlled at the same time, the regular lcd 2 fazor is for you. If you want something inbetween, the lcd 2.2 non fazor is for you

Maybe I would be willing to pay up for an LCD X if I could find a place to audition them. I like the idea of the LCD 2 so I’ll keep an eye out for those as well. I’m not really comfortable with hifiman’s QC reputation so I’m probably going to avoid them. Would something like the Verum one be a good option to try the “planar” sound for a relatively cheap price?

IMO yes but I would be somewhat concerned about the qc for the verum as well (most likely similar or worse than hifiman)

Wonderful. Well there is a store relatively close to me that has LCD Xs that I might be able to try if I decided to go with those.

Fuck it, would HE4XXs be a good way to see if I like planar? I don’t know, would it even be worth it to try the 4XX? From what I hear they are a V shape and I already have DT770s for that in the $150 range and my purple hearts are definitely better for a V shape sound.

IMO that’s the best cheap way to get into planars, of course comparing an lcd x to a 4xx isn’t fair lol. So personally, I would say if you can go try out any planar I would do so (the lcd x is pretty sweet and a slight v shape, so I would say go try out that first and see what you think)

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