🔷 MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed

MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed

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I personally use mine with a Questyle CMA400i(in for service), a Schiit stack V3(in shipping), and an Audioquest Dragonfly black 1.2.

Lol my daily driver mostly work.

Periapt/Balanced, i blame ZEOS

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I haven’t heard the new Ether 2 and to my ears the ÆON Cs are still the best sounding Mr Speakers you can buy
Far better than the dry sounding Voce and much less expensive than the overpriced Ether Flows

I don’t particularly love the tuning though but the mechanics of the driver are indeed very impressive

Have you tried the Ether CX? I’m thinking about that as an upgrade path in the future if I ever get rid of my AFC. The AFC is just so comfortable to me that I’m not sure I’ll ever change

I haven’t heard the Ether CX but I’ve heard the normal Ethers and Ether Cs
They’re different than the AFC but not better imo
Also I I find the AFCs more comfortable

Yeah, I’ve had comfort issues in the past with nearly everything. Only found the AFC and AQ nightowls to actually be comfortable. Might just get the AFO to compare and keep one or both of them depending

Don’t forget to share the experience if you do pick up the open, on how different they are from closed.

I ended up selling mine and picking up a ZMF Ori. Might own another set one day because I did love them.

Has anyone compared these to the NDH 20? Looking for something that isolates well for out of home usage, and is accurate for mixing audio such as voices and instruments for a podcast. I can get both for the same price, so I’m mainly looking for what will be more accurate and less for enjoyment.

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I love my Aeon opens, but they’re my only 500+ dollar set of headphones :smiley:

Just curious, what made you go with the opens instead of the closed? I rarely see people that own opens

This review here for starters.

I personally own several 1k+ headphones bust still keep the Aeon Opens cause they sound great with most music, especially on my Woo Audio WA7d Tube Amp.

I really wasn’t super impressed by the aeon. It was very comfy and built super well, but thought that certain aspects were lacking. I like the ether c flow 1.1 better, but I still wouldn’t want that as a daily

At the time I purchased these, Zeos hadn’t reviewed them yet.

As for the reason, ultimately purchased them because I had lots of closed back headphones but few open back headphones. At the time, I had the Fostex TH610s (purchased used from Amazon for $450) and the Sony MDR-Z7 (also purchased used for $400), so I had plenty of nice, high end closed headphones. For opens, my only set of decent closed backs were my Sennheiser HD600s, which are solid for some things, but not everything. Reviews I had seen prior to Zeos’s review had made the claim that the Aeon Opens were good for most kinds of music.

Turned out to be mostly accurate in my mind, but they became a lot better once I got the balanced XLR cable the MrSpeakers sells. Now, I use them most the time I’m listening to music and for a good amount of gaming, though my Fostex T50s and Monoprice Retro’s see more of that than my Aeons do.

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I’m already running my Aeon RT from SP200 at home and I’m satisfied but I wanted to get alternative desktop dac/amp. I only have 3 requirements: Enough power and good synergy with Aeon, RCA or line out for bookshelf speakers and price below $300. I’m looking at Fiio K5 pro and Topping DX3 pro, also considering Xduuo X05.
I tried Fiio but it’s way too bright. Enough power but sound is completely not my cup of tea. I ended up getting Mojo and so far it’s the best pairing I’ve heard.

Has anyone tried getting a hold of drops latest cross over for these? Hate to be that guy but is there much difference between the original?

Man I wish I would have bought into the game stop pump and dump.

How much did drop change the sound of closed back flows?

Also interested! Looking at purchasing a set of closed backs for work - and this seems to be one of the better options. That said, I did try the original Aeon Closeds and found them to have a bit of an anaemic, lean sound signature that got a touch peaky in the treble region. I was hoping to find a closed back with a more relaxed, warm sound signature closer to that of the Audeze LCD-2 or the Sennheiser HD650/6XX.

When I was originally testing closed backs, the set that came closest to the sound signature I was looking for were the Fostex TH610 - however they were unfortunately not true closed backs, with a vented design that leaked audio out - making them unsuitable for a quiet office environment.

I’ve seen a few people describe the Drop version as warm, so very curious to read more impressions. I love the build quality, comfort and form factor of the Aeon - so really hoping the Drop version comes closer to what I’m after in terms of sound.