Music Documentaries

We don’t seem to have a thread for them?..if like me you’re interested in such things then please post them up :smiley:


The Decline of Western Civilization 2 is the best music documentary IMO.


having a parallel life timeline with these guys, this was a great watch.


The first few that springs to mind would be :

Anvil docu was pretty good

Sound City i really enjoyed (David Grohl)

All things must pass (tower records docu) was also pretty good

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I’m old enough to have gone to Tower Records in Philly a few times. It was glorious if you were a music lover. Two separate buildings, one was pretty much just classical. The other was (I think) three stories and full of everything else.

Remember being a regular visitor at a local shop called “Compact-Huset” (compact-house) as they mostly sold CDs. They where a huge store compared to the other local record shops,and i think they did a lot of import them self and thus had title non of the other shops had. And if they somehow didn’t have in stock what you where looking for, they ordered up and you had it in few days.

Almost all of my CDs bought from '91 - '97ish where from them. They actually started as a catalogue shop, sending CDs all over the country iirc. The people working there where great too, if you wanted something similar from a band you had bought albums from they usually had great recommendations for similar artists/bands.

In the end, they probably felt the hit from mp3 sharing and “Napster”, and sometime in the early 2000s they closed down the shop. For quite some time now i’ve bought all my music online, either as downloadable files, or in some cases CDs in the mail. The only record shop around here is pretty good though, but its a bit of a hassle to get to, so the convenience of buying online usually gets the better of me :confused: Still miss the old “Compact-huset” store, as they had such great selection and a great location (<10min drive and great parking) :slight_smile:


Bunch to choose from, but Dig! is my favorite. Anton Newcombe is insane:

Full movie:

My favourite music documentary. Both of his albums are fantastic


“It might get loud” is also highly recomended

17 classic albums, countless unforgettable concert triumphs. This is Spinal Tap.


Its the history of rock!

This one is really good if you are into doom/Stoner rock. Really well done documentary. I reccomend it a lot.

Real stuff lol…

I recommend American Hardcore. I watch probably once every five years.

VICE has been uploading some mini-documentaries about popular songs on their YouTube channel, here’s a link to a playlist:

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Posted on another thread but this was great.

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