Music for workouts

I could find topics about workout gear, but not about tracks that get you motivated during workouts.

After you drop a track maybe let everyone know its context for you - is it good for enduring a long run, or getting you to face up to some intense bursts?

Tonight I was listening to The Knife on shuffle during a weights/body weight workout in the shed. I was surprised how well it fit, I never went to change the track for the sake of mood or tempo, no sets were awkwardly waiting for a ‘drop’ to get started… I was just in a zone the whole time. No crazy BPM making slower things like weighted pull ups feel rushed or off tempo.

I’ll start it off with a specific track though. This takes me way back to dropping into push-ups in the kitchen when I was a kid. The force, punctuation, and attitude of this song are perfect for “if you don’t start this set at 0:32, you were never going to start this set”.

Hmm… video unavailable, can’t check that one out.

I haven’t ‘worked out’ in a long time, but this always seemed like a good motivational piece, especially if you’re about to do something related to martial arts:
Kodō - Niji No Nagori

(Originally mentioned it here but it got nuked in some embedded-videos disaster.)

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