Music Master Headphones

I noticed recently on Aliexpress and Taobao these new headphones from a manufacturer called “Music Master”. They make a 108mm planar and claim their as good as a HD800, LCD 3 and HE 1000 at 1000$. What struck me about them is their Planars and their claim to be 200 ohm. its called the Σ900:

They have another Planar too thats much more expensive at 1885$ The E1000I. 108mm 60 Ohms. Claims to be in the level of Z1R LCD4 Stellia Susvara.

Anyone heard of these guys? i couldnt find a website.

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Those are some bold claims. If they were actually that good, I imagine there’d be more talk about them. Anyone here got 3k to burn? lol

Probably direct Audizy / Hifiman replicas, from China.
Measurements from 2016 so, not fully new in my mind.

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Anyone here got 3k to burn?

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Maybe you could do it?
Benefits would also be: getting to know the US import/export and TAX system at the same time.
Win-Win. :wink:


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Man there is literally nothing online about these headphones. However there is one review posted on the store page:

Does anyone care to guess why this reviewer felt the need explicitly state “I’m not a girl”?


lol yeah i saw that.

The plot thickens. I went to Chinese version of the page and had google translate it. This translation is slightly more coherent lol

I dont get what “sound field” means. and its a double negative? does that make it a positive? so a girl can stand the sound field? maybe sound field is frequency response?

Cracked it! she’s saying this girl likes the frequency response!

Lol that may be right. I thought sound field might mean sound stage. But that makes no sense at all.

@ZeosPantera do you have any desire to review some Chinese flagships no one’s ever heard of? If you do you’ll have the English review in existence lol.

Also the webpage seems to imply those $1800 cans somehow competes with the Susvara…

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That girl seems to be saying she liked it more than the hd800. and saying its as good as a susvara. big claims

but zeos will review it if someone sends it to him. i doubt he’ll buy it himself. he might be able to contact aliexress of the company selling it on aliexpress and have them send him a open box of one for review. if he wants

I actually wanted to review these. I know a bunch of people who have them, and they say they are amazing.

I mean guys, look at it yourself, these 1k - 2k (depending where you get them from) have the exact same technology as the Audeze LCD-4 (yes I took my time to compare it) -
Both use Double Fluxor drivers.
Both are Neodymium drivers.
Both have 106mm tranducer size
Now the difference is that the Σ1000i has an impedance of 48Ω while the LCD-4 has of 200Ω
The Σ1000i has a sensitivity of 98db/mW, while the LCD-4 has of 97db/mW

The Σ1000i is about half the price of the LCD-4 and of course people are interested… but how tf will people buy a 2k chinese hedphone if there is no information on it. Horrible marketing.

How many of you are actually interested to buy it? If it really is good, or if there was a review, would you buy them?

I saw many people interested in them, and it’s just sad that they aren’t ready to invest in marketing. It’s not about the money, it’s about the information of the product - which is non existent. No website, no reviews, nothing. I would love to bring more attention to these guys, because I think they deserve it. They look promising, but somebody has to review them!

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I have these and they are absolutely awesome!! I stand behind the great value Chi Fi coming strong into the market!!
Have my ThieAudio Monarch connected to my AK Kann Cube as I write this, these Chinese IEM are top shelf!! Read the reviews…the Music Master E1000i are an example of the same ChiFi wave/value success
The music master are 1/2 the price of LCD-4 and deliver the same quality!
The comfort and sound quality is amazing!
For the infrastructure record
Roon Core Imac
Network transport Soundaware D300
DAC Denafrips Pontus II
Headphone Amp Denafrips Artemis
Exhaust Music Master E1000i

Output “priceless”!!!

I do recommend the Music Master E1000i

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I just got the “Music Master” closed cup planars

And it’s for real, with good quality fit & finish.
Sound is very natural in midrange.
Details retrieval is above average.
Large soundstage for closed headphone.
Definitely worth it compared to the other brand name that look similar.
I’m happy with purchase, less than $800US

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Another R10 clone, looks like…interesting alternative to Hifiman’s take

Hey you want to make clones just need a business then maybe go to the factories. Here’s a pic for choosing some baskets.