Musician Draco or SMSL VMVd1?

Have the Burson Soloist now. Hear great things, especially at the price, for the Draco, but then for the Soloist people say using your pre as a volume knob to bypass the Burson is worthwhile. The idea I could feed a tube amp sometime in the future at the same time is also nice, but it also seems the Burson might be the one exception where you could go your whole life without tubes for what it brings to the table. I was pretty set on R2R, but when Golden Sound says it’s right up there with the Ares, the idea of there being a SD DAC under $1K that’s actually worth looking at intrigues me. Such a tough decision.

I love my Draco. Best purchase of 2021. Unfortunately I can’t compare to other R2R dacs or the SMSL.
But what I can confirm is that the proclaimed special R2R sound is real.

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