My DT 880 Edition broke


I have Beyerdynamics DT880 Edition 250Ohms for playing Rainbow Six Siege at a competitive level. I’m driving them with an FiiO E10K.
This week I wanted to clean my earpads and after drying them and putting them back on the Sound on one side was really really quiet.
After cleaning the driver from a few hairs, the sound was loud again but it is putting a weird sound pressure on that side.

One thing I really like about them is the comfort, the DT990 Pro put to much pressure on my head.

What Headphones are best for me now?

I wanna order at the Beyerdynamic Outlet, my options would be:

TYGR 300R: 116€
Custom Studio 116€ : Closed, more Sound Isolation
DT 880 Edition 250OHM 135€
DT 880 Edition 600OHM 125€

As I understood from the DMS Review These Headphones IMAGE Like SPEAKERS - YouTube
the imaging is better on the tygr and thus better for my usecase?

What are your thoughts on this video:

Thanks for any help.

skip, bad for competitive.

side grade, very little brightness and more bass + warmth with a larger soundstage and better imaging

can’t really go wrong with something you already know you enjoy

better sound, better bass, better detail retrieval, all around better sound in my opinion but trade off is that it’s a little brighter to the ear in 600 ohms. At the same time, you need a beefy boy amp to power this one and that E10k definitely is not going to cut it at all. Hell, the E10K is barily enough for your 250 ohm beyers so I would recommend an upgrade to that at some point.

Depends on how you look at it. The DT 880 has a beautiful bright sound with great vocals in musicality but is semi open back. Tygr is bassier but still controlled and not in the way, better soundstage, better imaging, but lacks that brightness that makes some fps sounds pop more. It still has a slight peak but not like the 880. At the same time, tygr is the 990 redone up(if you remove the dampener it becomes quite bright).

My thoughts? The guys a joke, he sits there and makes insulting remarks and makes completely incorrect assessments on the headphone while just reading off DIYheaven. Yes, you can hear that part of the peak he claims you can’t on the chart, the dips aren’t that big of a deal and if they are for you then just equalize it, the Tygr 300R is NOT the DT 880 black edition he showed zero proof of this let alone an actual measurement chart comparison on the two headphones and is making baseless claims despite this it’s also been shown that the Tygr 300R is infact just a redone DT 990(they have the same insides and everything) with minor alterations and that thick foam filter(if you remove this the tygr becomes quite bright you see this same effect if you buy a T1 3rd generation as removing that filter makes it sound similar to the 2nd generation). He is overly opinionated without much explainations and just sits there and goes on a rant without much thought put into it. I would completely disregard this guy in entirety honestly.

If anything his video had nothing to do with the tygr and just had to do with him wanting to complain about the DT 880 vs the DT 990. DT 990 is nice, yes, but if you can’t tolerate that much brightness your better off skipping it as that headphone is unbelievably bright and can be extremely sibilant.

post this just for a comparison on those charts.

The signature are all different. DT 990 is a very sharp V signature it’s quite bassy, mids are recessed by a large margin, theres that cut in the treble but it peaks hard and is very noticeable with a very ethereal like sound to it. DT 880 is a Bright headphone, it has some bass but is more on the lighter side with a good mid centric tonality and not as bright in comparison. Tygrs on the other hand are a Warm(or like a lopsided weird V considering that slight peak above neutral) headphone but are much more towards neutrality yet still with that cut in the lower treble.


Hey there,
thanks for the really good comment,
are the DT880 Black Special Edition different than the normal ones?

I’ll get 20% off when I send in my old ones, so I will going to order the tygr and the dt880 and compare them.

Thanks again for your help

So, this is a bit of a strange thing with beyer and the 880s. Only the special edition black 250 ohm had the other signature. The 600 ohm black version is completely aesthetic. Then you have the aesthetic “manufaktur” black version of the 250 ohm dt 880 as well. You also have the 250 ohm chrome black version as well… this is the original still the normal signature and not the special edition signature. I would not recommend the black 250 special edition honestly… it’s really not that good… think of it kind of like a middle ground between the 880 and the 990.

ah, well it just depends on your preference. The Tygr has a warmer signature and is slightly bassier than the dt 880 but the 880 is a lot more detailed and textured especially on the vocals. They honestly compliment each other quite well. Definitely worth a try, all else fails send one back. Granted I really like the 600 ohm more than the 250 ohm for 880’s the difference is quite nice it just takes a beefy amp to drive it…

:+1: So true!


Hey @Falenkor, I now ordered myself the
DT880 Edition 250 Ohm and 600Ohm
DT880 250Ohm Black
Tygr 300R

What would be a good amp to power the 600 Ohm?

Z Review talks about using a speaker amplifier in his review:

Thanks for your help

I have both the BasX and the DT 880 600 ohms and I can verify that Z is correct in that the BasX can easily power these headphones. It could possibly destroy them too if you wanted.

If you aren’t planning on powering speakers, imo the asgard 3 would be my pick in the price range, personally my preference over the bas x for headphone use. If you have to go even cheaper, a liquid spark or magni 3+ are good picks imo


I mentioned in another thread that I bought these two items merely to see what Z’s fuss was all about. However with that said, I do have a speaker-use application planned for the BasX. I will be setting it up on a secondary PC for external speaker use. All I need to do is decide on what speakers to get.

Lol, looks like I didn’t even need to chime in. 100% agreed with @M0N as those are great options. No you don’t need a modded speaker amp no offense to the guy but that’s some serious misleading info lmao. Spark powers them fine and are $100 new. You may not like the black 250 as its quite different. Definitely keep that amp on lower power for the tygr so you don’t blow it up

I looked them all up and they are not available in Germany, I really would like to order it here, because if the 100€ difference is not worth it I would send them back.

Can you find a lake people g103s over there? That’s a really great option that should be aval to you, worthwhile investment

Hey @M0N
It is available but I’m really not willing to spend 260€ on a Amp.
If it really blow my mind out I’m willing to spend another 100€.
Here is list from one of the best stores in Germany to buy something like that:

I don’t know if it would be that extreme but I would personally say it makes a significant enough difference to warrant the extra cost

Thomann doesn’t really stock many good budget options for worthwhile headphone amps from my experience. While personally I am not the biggest fan the topping L30 does power the 880 600 ohm fine and should be an option for you (more likely to be available than the magni 3+ or monolith liquid spark)

Liquid Spark is 140€ from

Topping L30 is also 140€

Fiio K5 Pro can be found for ~160€, don’t know if that pushes it into competing with better options though.

Yes. However when you don’t find an open-box one on Thomann, you are looking at 260€

So I just received my shipment from Beyerdynamic,

why is the Fiio E10k not sufficient for the 600 Ohm DT880? It is certainly getting loud enough.

There is more than just volume that comes along with a good amp, it also brings more detail, soundstage, spatial recreation, a more proper frequency response, dynamics and impact, etc, it should be an overall upgrade to the performance to the headphone. Some potential flags that a headphone is being underpowered is a very bright and harsh sound without good bass response and body (the 880 600 are inheriently brighter neutral but they shouldn’t be overly bright and shouldn’t be harsh either), spatial deadness or not much separation and depth, and lackluster impact, but other times it’s just something you have to try and hear the difference and it’s not as clear if something is being underpowered until you hear it properly powered with good synergy as well


Ok, thank you guys for your help, I got the tygr 300r dt880 &dt880 black special edition, but I can’t really decide between them, they all sound fairly similar.
I can’t make out which are ones are better when playing I even made a video with just some running around in the building and replaying that with the different headphones.
Maybe you guys have an idea how to test them the best.

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I wish I was in your position! :slight_smile: Still waiting for my damn 300 R Black Friday “pre-order” to be made and shipped…

For testing positional accuracy:

  1. Create a playlist of songs you know well, that contain well-mastered spatial effects. Slower music like smooth jazz, classical, psychedelic, soundtracks, etc, work well.
  2. Create a video library of your own gameplay from games you’re familiar with, in various situations & environments with different audio elements happening. I don’t fuck with R6 or CS nonsense, but PUBG is an excellent testbed for me(as well as Generation Zero and tons of indie and horror games). For example, I have a recording(video and separated audio track) I made in PUBG where an enemy is prone in a nearby building, crawling on a wooden floor briefly, and I am only able to hear the crawling sound if a given headphone has sufficient bass at exactly 70Hz(with related footstep audio occurring in the 30-70Hz range). If I play the video and can’t hear the crawling clearly enough, the headphones/IEMs are no good. AD700X/900X fails this test, for example, and were the headphones used during the creation of this test video, in an actual PUBG solo match.
  3. Create a library of videos(or the actual software used in these videos) from realtime 3D audio engine demos. Here are 2 I have in my library:

This is actually a really good idea, mind if I add this to the write up of mine for testing?

you can also use this which can test panning, directional channels in your imaging, soundstage, frequency response hz, etc.

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