My Girlfriend thinks all my audio equipment sounds the same

My girlfriend is a normie says she can’t hear a difference between my different pairs of headphones (Sennheiser HD6xx, HD58x, KZ KS 10 PRO, Tin T2) and the Samsung AKG ear buds that came with her phone. I also have a full 7.2 Klipsch THX ultra 2 system and she doesn’t think its better than a sound bar I have for our bedroom TV. HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SO SATISFIED AND HAPPY WITH SHIT NORMIE PRODUCTS!!!


she’s defective. take her back and get a working model!


I’ve had her for too long, I don’t think I can take her back anymore.


My roommate is the same. He also used to sell cars and could not tell the difference between any of the audio systems.


I sold cars as well, its how I bought all this stuff, BMW’s basic sound system is horrible the harman/kardon option is a must in my opinion.


This means she likely isn’t “the one”, lmao. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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trade up program for a newer or more robust model?

actually, kidding aside, what you need to do is a sound demo of her favorite music with her gear and then with yours. if she listens to songs she loves and is intimately familiar with and listens closely she may pick up on the nuances she’s missed before.

it would have to be at a time where she’s calm, relaxed and has no distractions or concerns on her mind.

if that doesn’t work than either she has no real ear or appreciation for music, or you’re using shit quality audio source or has so much bias that she cannot fathom or grasp it.

it’s also helpful if you can draw comparisons to something she is passionate about.

actually, you could also sit her down with examples after doing this to enhance her appreciation or hear something you know about. an example I can share is listening to the live performance of Ludovico Enaudi at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve listened to this recording of YouTube and Spotify countless times and then listened to it again on a flac file of the highest quality they can be and suddenly I heard Ludovico humming n talking to himself. detail that was never there before!!!

or another example you could try. White Clouds - Decaf bass remix or his Goin’ In For The Kill remix. try her on headphones that don’t do well for sub bass and then on ones that do do well. PM me and I can give you a quality copy rather than the YouTube version. further, the headphones that stuck at sub bass may excel at making the cello come to life. one of my favorite cello recordings is a Philaharmonic orchestra that plays Path…its like 100 cellos and is flipping amazing.

of course you should try these out and then audition for her…don’t do blind test without knowing the results will be what you want and need.


she tolerates me having a house full of speakers and guns, many women won’t do that.


Thanks a great idea, i’ll have to do the bass demos on headphones. she and our stupid neighbors get mad when I play loud bass on my home theater, my duel 12’s can dig and rattle the whole apartment building with little effort, sucks I really want a house again.


Now we’re talking haha


It’s the old “no-one can see more than 30 fps” thing, some people just aren’t interested in noticing the difference. Better quality is like white noise, they just tune it out because they don’t consider it important.


I can see 30fps RDRII becomes unplayable when you ride into st denis on PS4 PRO on a 4K TV

I also had to introduce my wife a little bit. First I gave her the Denon Ah d7200 then the Fostex tr x00. Then she pointed to the Denon, when the Dt 770 was added it was clear to her.
Spontaneously I would have said that there is hardly any difference between your two Sennheisers. With your sound system, I would now say a huge difference. On the other hand, it is positive, you may be less happy. So if you have to buy a radio it has to then not be expensive, it’s good for you :smile:.
It should be clear to you that if you buy high-end stuff you will get used to it, so you will not hear or recognize the difference.
Just put the radio on and then your system may notice it. But there are also people who always hear Tonal, they may be one of them. Again, you can’t do anything about it. You can find the best high-end system for you Living room make something for you but wowww is still the same for her.And for us men we will never understand why she buy shoes and handbags. It has the same X design and say you already have one. They tell you Yes, but this is different. If you ask, it is the color or number of compartments that differ in shape, seam or because it is round. :see_no_evil:And I know we will never understand something. But these are women. For us it is the technology that inspires us and for women there are other things like clothes, bags, shoes. We love cars, she love closets. We only want sex, she want a relationship :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:


The struggle is real… Do not let her ruin your passion for sound…


It might be more of subject how to “view” things. Does not matter who the person is.
If you have 2 sharp knives, both work well for normal cutting. Other might be japanese hand made knife with 1000 years of sharpening from dragon skin, other from ikea. They get the job done.
Detail difference is dragon scale cuts titanium like the ikea blade cuts doctor sausage.

Same with audio. You just hear sound and that more than enough. Gear doesn’t matter how the sound is made. Let alone how it sounds.

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I have a handmade Japanese knife, its much better than the shitty target knifes I threw away. Knives are another thing normies are horriblely wrong about, almost everyone I know has dull shitty knives they put in the dishwasher and don’t use are honing steel on or sharpen ever.


Cheap Vs Expensive Soldering iron:
Both are fine for the first 5 minutes
After that, the él cheapo will give you warm fingers.


It’s about perspective and how a person ticks. When a person doesn’t have a trained ear or just plain doesn’t care too much satisfaction comes cheap. I admire these people I envy them cause if I had the same mindset my bank account would be pretty awesome. I ajve things like this myself though my tech I’m always looking to upgrade. But with cars I don’t care if it’s a rust bucket but if it has an aux chord and can take me from a to b every day happy. With knives impretty ok with any knife I can tell the difference weight steel harness craftsmanship doesn’t matter to me too much I cook a decent amount but not a chef. All knives become sharp enough for me anyway once I put some TLC with it on some stone and leather. But whether it be a keyboard, a headphone, my monitor, clothes I’m always looking to improve.

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warm fingers is a understatement, I used to use a butane soldering iron when I was making wiring harnesses for cars, It always worked so much faster then the electric irons.

My wife feels exactly the same way. I even bought her a cheap, but decent, set and she seemed to be appreciative of the gift, but that was about it. She just doesn’t care enough about music to give a shit. She is part of the vast majority of people that say they love music, but really, it is just background noise to them.