My H400i Arived yay!

With the super fast basic free amazon shipping aside, I do have some issues, but also more good news. Mainly that my sd 793ii did not explode and seems to be powering them at an ideal volume at the 10 o’clock spot. Bad news is that I have a tiny head and they are a tad large even on the smallest headband setting. Any suggestions to help make them fit better? other then a new head, heads are expensive.

only thing I can think of is bigger / thicker ear pads.

I should look into what pads will fit it. the ones it came with are VERY comfortable tho.

Do you like the sound?

a tad bright, but I haven’t given them a good listen yet, just got them like 4 hours ago. so it may just be the songs I have listen too.

Also it does sound that you are probably under powering them

I assumed as much, 10o’clock was uncomfortable loud with my m40x’s.

MF, make sure your PC source has the master volume and app volume set to maximum and use the amp to control the volume entirely.

yeah unfortunately pad swaps on this set will change the sound… which could be a good or bad thing depending YMMV. I have ZMF Ori perf lambskin pads on my he4xx and never looked back afterwards (although I did have to do some extra mods to make it sound just right).

edit: I’m not really familiar with the 400i headband, but if you can slap some dekoni nuggets up there it might help fill out the space and better fit your freakishly small head… jk :laughing:

if i was buff, with my small head I’d look like generic thug bad guy number 21

I forgot about the Dekoni Nuggets…Z used those on the HP-3’s cause they were too big.

i may have to give them a shot. I think that even half an inch of extra padding would be enough. So i could prob bobby pin a sock to them and make it work.

Just need to find a cable that not a right angle at one end and isn’t stupid short or long, for a reasonable price.

I do have a new set of ZMF pads coming today that i was going to use on another headset but I may try them on the he400i. But how do you get non hifiman brand ear-pads to fit these cans?

They use mounting rings inside the…um…pad foreskin. Sometimes they’re glued in and sometimes you can just pop them out and put them in another set of pads. If they’re glued and you don’t want to wreck the stock pads, HFM sells the rings on their site and sometimes amazon

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Please never say this again. I am always going to think of this now

but…uh what would you rather call it? pad skin flap?

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Ya know what I’ll take it, it’s better then the other option imo

but yeah my ZMF lambskin just arrived but now I have to order a set of those damned pad clips from hifiman as I AM not going to over stretch the pads over the whole driver housing. they cost to much for that.

Yeah, you don’t want to damage the pads or the headphones