Need a new gaming headset with a budget of 200$. Already have two candidates

Let’s start with the required info:

  • country: Czechia - Europe
  • budget: 200$
  • source: Unfortunately, my motherboard (Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero)
  • how will it be used: Primarily as a headset for gaming FPS, but also for movies and songs (EDM: dubstep, trap, etc.) I would say it’ll be used 75% gaming, 25% everything else.
  • what am I looking for: Most important for me is a good sound location for gaming, then everything else. I also need a headset (headphones with integrated mic)
  • open or closed back: I heard open backs are a lot better for gaming and I play alone in quite silent room (so I think it’s the right way). On the other hand, I don’t mind closed back as I used them for last 5 years without any problems.

I was already looking into this for some time and I found a couple of headsets probably fitting my needs:

  • Sennheiser game one (About 170$ if I order it from Amazon Germany, can’t get it for less here in EU)
  • Cooler master MH752 (About 80$ locally) I know it’s closed back, but it has good mic and performance for the price.

Mine concerns with Sennheiser’s Game Ones

  • I can have the MH751 for half the price
  • That my mobo soundcard won’t drive them
  • That I won’t like the understated low end / bass that they have according to reviews
  • Also about the velvet padding getting dirty really quick (I have a long haired cat)

Sadly, I don’t currently have more budget to squeeze an AMP/DAC combo into.

The question is if it’s worth it to pay almost 100 more dollars for the Game One’s?

I’m open to new configs, headsets, combinations of some gear, etc.

Thank you for help.

Imo yes, they do a better job at locating sounds and spatial accuracy, and also the mic is a fair bit better sounding as well imo. They should be easily driven by your motherboard, and I don’t think the pads are too much of an issue imo. They are a bit bass light though

I had the Arctis Pros without the DAC. I still use them for work if I’m too lazy to replug all my audio gear into my laptop. Would highly recommend for comfort, mic quality, and sound.

Then again, comparing them to actual headphones is an eye-opening experience.

I also have the 5’s (provided by work) on my desk. I reallllllly liked those.

Thanks for reply.

The lack of bass might also be an issue for me, because as I said, I do not only game on the PC, but also listen to music and watch YT or movies. 75% gaming 25% else. In EDM bass is quite essential.

I know the Sennheiser’s are probably better. But when the other option is just half the price, is it really worth it?

How are the Cooler Masters in terms of sound location compared to the Game ones?

I don’t really have budget for the Pros. They’re about 250$ here.

I don’t know about the 5. I think that if I had to go closed-back I would rather pick the MH751 for the mic and comfort.

Anyway, thanks for reply

Good question, that just depends on the person, if you don’t think you would be able to get used to the reduced amount of bass, then the cooler master isn’t a bad pick imo, it’s pretty solid overall and isn’t a slouch or anything

The cooler master doesn’t have as defined locational accuracy as the senn, but it will get the job done and isn’t really that bad, it’s also a warmer sounding signature and had ample bass for my tastes

Ok, and do you know about any better alternative in my budget (200$)?
Ofc. local pricing is totally different than in the US so I would have to check.

Also, do you think that I would be able to get some bass for the ocassional music listening sessions with some EQ with the Senn.?

Perhaps a Audio-Technica BPHS1 (this one might actually not work now that I think about it) or G1, or a Beyerdynamic Custom Game?

Yes, this would be simple and would most likely help

This one is unfotunately not sold here.

For that I would have to stretch my budget a bit more. Towards the 250 mark. Not sure if that’s what I want to do, the 200$ is momentarily the ceiling for me.

Is there something bit less expensive worth a look?

How much is a modmic where you are? That way you would be able to have more options headphone wise if it’s reasonable

The “uni” is whooping 75$ from Amazon germany.
Not a single AntLion product sold locally here in Czechia :frowning:

That might be viable if you are able to get something like a akg k371 or a m40x headphone

M40x + Modmic UNI could fit my budget theoretically, but is that solution really better than the Game One?
Also, what about the GSP 500?

For what you are after actually yes imo, they are somewhat neutral but do have pretty nice bass and subbass, and preform fairly well in most games. Also allows you to upgrade the headphones in the future and turn the new headphone into a headset as well

It’s good, but not as capable as the game series though imo, it would have more subbass so that would be a plus, but I would prefer the game one or the m40x

Cool, will look into it.
I’m still not sure.

I was told on r/gaming_headphones that the MH752s are way better than the M40Xs, what’s your opinion on this?

I mean they are about equivalent imo in terms of performance, I think the m40x has more detail and a bit better signature, but I think the mh751 has a bit better soundstage width and a more relaxed sound, both are fine but I would be more inclined to give the nod to the m40x in terms of sound, but I think the mh751 are a fair bit more comfortable

Also mh751s are a half of the price of M40x + modmic uni, at least here in Czechia.

Another question: Do you think the Game ones are usable for music?

Yeah, I think so, as long as you don’t want thundering bass or anything I do find them more than capable for casual listening

If that’s the case then I guess looks like a mh751 lol, they are pretty nice, I use mine occasionally

For thundering bass I already have a different headphones :slight_smile:
So I think the game ones are probably fine. But I still don’t see the value of 100$ more over the also good MH752.