Need help buying headphones(music/movies) better than QC 35 II

Recently bought my first ever headphones - Bose QC 35 II. I bought it based on the reviews which said it was one of the best headphones out there.
Well, after using it, i totally agree how comfortable it is to use and how convenient it is, but i feel the sound seems abit lacking.
Can anyone suggest a better set of cans especially which are more suited for music and movies?

Hmm, well, what type of headphone are you looking for, and what’s your budget?

Type of headphone - wired or wireless
Purpose - mostly music and sometimes for movies
Budget - ~ 400 dollars

Do they need to be portable? And do you mind open back or closed?

It would be great if they are portable and does not cause sound leakage. But i would rather prefer headphones with no compromise on sound.
You could suggest options either way on the options you just asked so that i can make a call on which to go for.

Do you have an amp/dac or plan on getting one ?

What music do you listen to? What about a beyerdynamic dt177x go, as those would be very enjoyable for movies and most music, isolate and can be portable, comfortable, and also don’t need an amp? Although currently it seems they are out of stock so you may have to wait or look for used

I have never used them before. If needed, i wouldn’t mind buying them.
Just so you know, i ll be using the headphone on PC and mobile phone. So, i don’t know whether to stick to QC 35 II or just buy a better one with the current devices i use.

Are the 177X the same as the 1770’s? if so aren’t 1770’s just scuffed 770’s ?

Well there are plenty of easy to drive headphones, if needed to get a dac/amp will you spend additional money over the 400 bucks or you want the amp/dac within that budget as well ?

the beyerdynamic X versions aren’t available here in India. so, could you suggest alternate ones?

No, they are pretty dang different. I really didn’t enjoy the 1770 pro, kinda messed up, but the 177x is like a different headphone

Ah I see so beyer and massdrop fixed the 1770’s classic massdrop

the 177X is available on Drop, also isnt the X00 Mahog a good choice M0N?

Ahh, that will limit your options then of course, what about the sony mdr1am2?

Can’t go beyond 400 dollars budget

They are very fun, but also no longer available, and are definitely not portable because they don’t isolate and leak noise, and are somewhat more delicate that are just a hassle to take portable

you could get Sony 1AM2 since they are under 200 bucks and apparently really good then with the rest of the money get a dac/amp :thinking:

Now the Sony’s wont need an amp but it will be good if you wanna buy some hard to drive headphones in the future

Cool. will have a look at sony’s model.
Meanwhile, what other options do i have apart from sony 1am2 ?

uuuuuh you could get AKG K371’s or K361’s those are even cheaper and also good, you really don’t need to spend 400 bucks on a portable pair of closed cans

So, the portable cans don’t have much better sound quality compared to wired ones?

I mean they are wired as well, you want wireless?