Need help choosing close back under 100

Hello gurus of audio!
I’m quite new in the world of audio myself and I am looking for a good set of close back headphones to use mostly at home (although I also plan to use them to walk to and back from work when this situation of working from home ends) and they have to be under 100 euros/dolars.
I currently own the Superlux HD-668B and the Philips SHP9500. I really enjoy both of them, perhaps I enjoy the sound of the superlux a bit more because they feel clearer to me, like I can hear more details. Despite this I tend to gravitate more to the SHP9500 because they are way more comfortable to use and I still enjoy their sound very much.
As I mentioned before I am looking for a close set of headphone to use for extended periods of time because I’m working from home and I need something to help cover the noise of my girlfriend talking in her daily meeting and also my neighbour is an Opera singer who practices 4/5 times a week (also plays piano). It is not really loud but is still audible when I’m using the SHP9500 or the Superlux.
The options I looked into are:
-Takstar Pro 82 (currently going for 50 bucks where I live)
-Cooler Master MH751 or 752 (around 80 and 100 respectively)
-Audio Technica M40x (the problem with this is that is not so easy to find the pads to change them, they go for 90/100)
-Akg K361 (also 80)
I would like the sound to be something different from what I already have, I like variety. I also listen to a wide variety of genres like classic rock, alt or indie rock (arctic monkeys, the strokes…), rumba, flamenco, blues and ocasionally some hip hop and pop. Basically whatever sounds good to me I listen to it. I do like clear separation of instruments and clear voices and a bit of soundstage (I understand this may not be achievable with a close set at this price)It would be an advantage if I could use a mic with the headphone like a boom mic since I spent quite some time at work in meetings and I’m the one talking. I’m not planning to get a DAC/AMP in the nearest future so I would be running them out of my laptop or phone (mostly laptop).
Right now my top pics are the takstar pro 82 because they are hella cheap and everyone says the comfort is outstanding, the cooler master because, from what I´ve read, is an improved takstar with a mic included and the k361 because of pure curiosity. With what I´ve said what would you recommend? Am I missing any other good options out there?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I think the CM MH751/752 is a more complete package from the get go and requires less love and affection to make it shine. Comfort wise I don’t have much else in the same league of comfort, with maybe the exception of the AQ Nighthawk/Nightowl. I pref them to the M40X in sound personally, even after pad swap. I haven’t tried the AKG you’ve mentioned so I can’t speak on that.

I also haven’t personally tried the Sivga SV006 but it might meet the needs you’re looking for as well.

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dt 770 pro is 115 bucks if you have the money, but you can get them used for under 100 for sure.

Sivga 006, I enjoy them. I needed to add Dekoni nuggets to get the fit just right. Good value, good sound for the price. Look into them too.

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Have you thought about an IEM like the Blon 03 with the cable mic or similar, it would do a better job sonically wise for that price?..

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But don’t they require an amp?

Yes, to be honest the Cooler Master are looking like the best option. Should I get the 752 with the usb dongle or the regular version and save te difference? I play from time csgo, League of Legends and whatever I feel like from Steam. I used to play more before but working from home sucks and I end up working more than when I was working in the office so I barely play now. I mean that gaming is not a deciding factor for me.

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Oh no, no IEMs. I can’t stand having them for more than 20 minutes. I tried the Soundmagic e11c (really disliked these) and the Tin T2 (the sound of these was pretty nice) and return them both because I can’t get use to having them inside my ear. I prefer headphones :slight_smile:

I’ve also heard about the Sivga but they are not so easy to find where I live. I found them only in Aliexpress for 125 which is a bit out of what I would like to spend.

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well doesnt every headphone require an amp to make the most out of it? modern mainboards can get the 250ohm version loud enough. but the 80ohm version will even run of your phone easily

If u liked the Tin T2 but can’t stand IEMs the KSC75 might be up ur alley

Yes, Koss products are definetly on my list for next buys. Will probalby end up buying the holly trinity of cheap koss headphones kph30i, porta pros and those but the KSC75 don’t look like something I can wear for 8 hours and that would isolate much outside noise.

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Oh ok, I can look into this option then see if I can find a good deal. Can you recommend a place to buy used headphone? I don’t really know where to look for that.

oh yeah forgot that, super open so yeah they wouldn’t isolate any sound haha

I actually bought the mh752 but never use the dongle that comes with it. I tried it once but wasn’t particularly impressed by it. If I remember correctly it doesn’t portray bass as good as some full sized amps or even other similar USB powered amps. It sounds way better than my onboard laptop audio, but my laptop’s (Lenovo yoga) audio is the worst I’ve ever tried.

I feel a need to chime in on this comment a bit. This is quite inaccurate and just depends on the equipment. PS4 cannot run this, a lot of phones I have tried cannot run at this ohm, my older gamer pc could not run at this ohm. 32 ohms is much more acceptable and is the one generally considered more for mobile applications. Even if the equipment can get the particular headphone “loud” it does not mean properly driven either.

the cheapest you will generally see them is for around $80 but in this range you run the risk of potential issues and usually at this point the pads need replaced.

literally what got me into using IEM’s right there that and the moondrop starfield are amazing. I wouldn’t say for gaming purposes… but for sound they are fantastic.

752 has the 7.1 virtual yes but also the equalizer software… you can skip the added extras if your just on pc as you can get the 7.1 off programs like dolby atmos, hesuvi and others… as well as free equalization from peace apo and some other programs… however in peace’s case you’d need an amp/dac later just a neat option of the 752 as it’s an all in one package sort of deal… great starter competitive gaming headphone.

770s require an amp if they are above 32 ohms. You can find 16 ohm and 32 ohm between $60 - $100 if you dig around. Said requirement of an amp does include the amp that may be built into a phone of a higher grade, music device, or computers motherboard allowing them to drive past 80 ohms to potentially 250 ohms…

hifishark(searches the web all over to find good deals), Ebay, Amazon, here on the buy/sell thread, r/avexchange, audio mart(depends on the country for me its usa audio mart), sometimes reverb, sometimes adorama, sometimes sweetwater, few other places but that’s about all I can think of at the moment. If your buying third party always use Paypal + invoice so you have a bill of sale but also make them provide pictures of the items quality and have htem make a small placard card of the date and their username to prove ownership.

My biggest worry about the CM is that I don’t know if I would be getting “lower quality” audio compared to the M40x Akg K361… basically from other brands that in my head sound more audio related. I don’t know if when people say the CM are good they mean is actally good for a gaming headshet or is just a good pair of cans.

I am very Happy with my Emu Purpleheart from Massdrop for 75$ is a good Phone.
I use it for travel actually when i sit down in the Train on the way to School.
I find him better as the Beyerdynamic Dt 770,have more Character,more open more clear with good Bass response.
The Dt 770 have to much bass and bleed for me a bit in the mids.And is to aggressiv.The Emu Purpleheart is more smooth.
It pairs with the Hidizs S3 Dongle,and work very fine it.
For this Price i find is one off the best Closed Back phone not regret to buy it.

I have tried all three so I can chime in a bit on that. I would say it is a bit lower quality yes but not so much so that its a complete deal breaker… however if your looking for a more musical actual headphone… yeah you may be better off with the alternatives.

both actually, it’s not bad for a regular headphone at all. I got rid of my mh751 for the mh630 which is a bit more fun and comfortable for me… I use it just if I am going to a buddies place or something for a gaming session so I don’t have to take my expensive gear. It sounds good for when I am chilling with music or gaming and does well enough… both the mh6-- series and 752 have equalizers as well which is nice for when you need to adapt to casual gaming or more competitive edge.

In terms of m40x, I really do like it… I used it for a while before i got my lagoon anc from beyer. It starts out V shaped but you definitely need that pad swap lol. Depending on the pad swap it can adopt quite a few nice signatures so it’s a wonderful portable headphone and works well in gaming just depending on what pads you throw on it. Velour are a bit bright imo on it but suedes were a happy medium for me on that one… Hybrids just really make that V signature it comes with shine quite a lot more… and sheepskin, iirc zeos used something like a sheepskin or cowhide, deplete that treble making it a very warm sound which is also nice.

It’s alright for a budget headphone. Nothing particularly special. It has a bit of a warmer signature to my ear unlike the k371 which sounded a bit more harman to me. I wouldn’t recommend them for gaming but for a budget musical headphone? Sure, it’s not bad at all.

I don’t know much about this but I think I can’t buy drop in Europe.