Need help in choosing right speakers

Hey all,

Just finished my living room wall and I would like to add a pair of good speakers in circled places shown in the photo. I’m looking for BT connectivity option and they must have full sound if you know what I mean. Not looking for some reference models, just want that good full beafy sound where I can get good bass, mids and decent highs.
They will be connected to TV via optical and very often played some music from my smartphone via BT.

Right side cabinet looks more narrow than left or is it just my eyes?
What are the dimensions cabinet / cabinets?
Would you like to use the mentioned type of speakers only or
have a Preamp/amp (with volume control and BT and the optical connections.)

Front ported speakers might be good options since the closed cabinet might come boomy AF when playing bit more loudly.

Yeah, the right side is a bit narrower by design. Dimensions I can post later when I get home.
I would like to have an active set with optical for TV and BT connectivity, that’s all :slight_smile:

Get brave and make your own built ins! That would be cool AF. If you built that cabinet should be easy as pie. Beautiful work.


I agree with MadGman, with the speakers being in a closed cabinets front ported is recommended. I have been looking for front ported powered speakers because I would like to put them on the wall but didn’t not fine any yet.

Also, what is your price range?

If you are willing to forgo the bluetooth (you can always use a chromecast with similar effect), you could get a set of Kali LP-6 at $300 for a pair.

Otherwise, the Kef Q100 are front ported and pretty narrow but amazing sounding. They can be found for $250 used on CL.

I’ve heard that those Kali LP6 produce some kind of noise when turned on because of their built in amps…

Usually powered speakers produce “white noise or hiss” with some degree from it’s amp, some produce it after source is connected (preamp). Is it audible at distance under or above 1.5ft / 0.5m is another thing.
Unless going to pro-levels of speakers but they don’t have needed inputs and no BT, even possible source noise can be lowered fully out.

Personally would put towers next to the cabinet :smiley:

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AVR then you can use the tv remote to control the volume. A pair of jamo 803 front ported in white with the tweed grills would look snazzy. They must have a bluetooth relay for signal to the hidden AVR, No ? But then you would need cooling fans.

Looking at the photo you could build a false wall behind the tv, use a wall mount so the tv will be floating and have dual vents with computer fans hidden in back, would be sanitary zero visible wires.

Forget what i said way too much added woodwork.

Yeah, that sounds as pretty much additional work to be honest. Man, there are so many beautiful speakers and this whole thing is becoming rather complicated and potentially very expensive (by adding AVR’s and stuff). BT connectivity is a must and front firing speakers with at least good bass response, clear mids and decent highs. I’m afraid that I will end up with a freaking sound bar in the end :slight_smile:

No! Resist the urge! What’s your budget?


Before you do that, get a JBL BlueTooth speaker as a temp-solution.

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Think of your love ones, you dont want to do this.

The klipsch fives got good feedback. Theyre $800 clams.

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My budget is max 300€. I was looking at Triangle Borea B02 or 03, they look stunning and sound even better but in Europe they’re over 400€. Only used I could try to find. Maybe those would be the best option for me.

Also, I’ve stumbled across Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones. They seem to have excellent reviews but again, in Europe they’re hard to find…

Jamo S803 with SMSL SA300. Front ported, bluetooth, $300.

Thanks but this combo costs considerably more in Europe.
270€ for Jamo S803
140€ for SMSL SA300
That’s over 400€ and my budget is UP TO 300€ :slight_smile:

I know that I can’t expect any great sound for that kind of money but anything decent should be possible for music listening(r’n’r/hip hop/edm) and tv watching.

I could go with passive set of speakers and some BT amp like this one : Elegiant 30 W x 2 Mini Bluetooth Amplifiers, Aluminium, 2.0 Audio Stereo, Digital Wireless for Car, Moto, Tablet, PC, Smartphone, TV, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Notebooks ?

I don’t know man, so many offerings, so many reiviews that its so hard to purchase at the end :slight_smile:

When you would not specally why not what from Sonos?
Is for sure nit the Killer but for Tv and play Music is enough,imo.

Personally, I’d save the bulk of that money and save for something better, depending on how serious you are.

Triangle is a French company, BR02’s are €299 on , you would need to add a BT connected integrated amp with that and that’s at least €300 for something ok.

I’d actually suggest Triangle Elara LN01A. €500-€600 in europe depending, but i think they’d suit and aren’t too far over budget.

Otherwise does the TV have bluetooth or wifi connectivity you can hook up to & get a cheap thrift/charity shop set of speakers you can hook up direct to the TV ? Save the money for something like the Elara’s or Klipsch Fives.

Yes, tv is Samsung Q6FN and it has all those modern connectivity options. Well, yeah I guess I can start saving for something better but there is always something better.

I just wanted something with good full sound to enjoy my music and movies in the living room and then I started to dig a little bit deeper and soon realize that this is one interesting and complex rabbit hole :slight_smile:

Headphone people like to talk about the rabbit hole but when you have the physical room, acoustics, speakers, distances and sources and amps and and and and. It all evolves in to a rabbit hole, inside the actual rabbit hole. :smiley:
If audio is at high level of interest, it’s much it easier of you only want a “round pink thing that plays radio” in kitchen.
ignorance is bliss

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