Need recommendation for 100$-300$ IEM

Ok so i got a problem with IEM’s. Ive tried the Tin p1 p2 p3, and the KZ ZS10 Pro and the Blon 03. Want an upgrade.

So i guess i need to go higher up on the budget. Say 100-300$? So i like W shape, Nuetral, i like midrange. i like detail. clarity i dont like dark. I like bassy too. I dont need a iem with all that lol. but it would be nice.

I’ll be listening to this music on them:

1 Simple Minds
2 U2
3 Niel Finn
4 Tears for Fears
5 Midnight Oil
6 A-ha
7 Duran Duran
8 Smiths
9 Pixies

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Shozy form 1.4 seems to be good according to bggar


Have you considered a portable headphone? I gave IEMs a try but I find them more uncomfortable.

Etymotic Research ER4-S comes highly recommended. anyone heard of it? its a little out of budget but people are saying it punches way above its class

@Antpage2 The Etymotic er4xr are really good neutral IEMs with some of the best isolation and comfort, although I think they are out of price range for you. Etymotic in general are really good though from what I hear.

So I am currently in my honeymoon period with my Tri I3, these have very good soundstage and sound very clear and detailed, right now listening to Diana Krall’s Wallflower album, not too bassy, responds well to EQ and amplification. For 150 USD you get three drivers, dynamic, planar magnetic and balanced armature, you can feel the energy of the planar slamming when needed and the treble is very clear. These are metallic and big but sit well in my ears. In the end, as any other headphone/item is better if you can try them but, in the item world, there are so many that find one to do so is difficult.

Etymotic is generally great for those wanting neutrality if that is what your into

Just 4 recommendations guys? i heard this forum was helpful and friendly. hey, what gives?

Excuse me? The conversation would have kept going and people would have kept helping if you kept responding so people can actually help you add more or narrow down your choices


Can i get more choices?

what dont you lkike about the ones currently presented?

all the good W shaped IEMs are way above your price bracket. os your gonna have to settle for warm , neutral , bright, and v shaped , or harman neutral

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well i thought like headphones. thats there would be obvious benchmark iems that everyone knows about. the ones ive gotten so far are like “well these are ok, how about these”

Wheres the 58x of iems? the 4xx if iems? the sundara of iems?

blon o3 , tint2, ting t4, moons drop kxxs, moondrop starfields, ikkko oh1’s ikko oh10 are all pretty well known benchmarks at this point. the problem with this post is we were trying to cater to you the poster who has specific needs. Iems aand headphones are entirely different worlds IEMs move a lot faster and and go through hype processes a lot faster than headphones so having equivelants are hard. the best way for us to cater to you is find out what you like and didnt like about what you had in the past and try to narrow down your choices.

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one of the things that bugged me is they seemed to lack midrange, and bass. they seemed to sound a little cheap. I want good bass, midrange and treble. so neutral if i cant get W. whats the cheapest W?

for a good W shaped yourlooping at the Hyla CE-5 which is just less than a grand
if you can settle for harman Neutral there are plenty of those.

The ce5 is very v shaped, not w shaped, the midrange can sound absent at times lol

fuck if I know Im just going of measurements and reviews at this point