Need some expert advice

Hi guys.
So, i have the chace to buy the DT990 600ohm + fiio k5 pro to used them 95% of the time for fps gaming and 5% for media consumption.
Also i have the chance to get 2nd hand AKG Q701 QuincyJones + HeedCan amp.
What do you guys thinks is best for gaming? Heedcan amp is any good? Do i need a dac with it?
Or get the dt990?

This forum has helped alot so thank you guys

The DT880 600 is prob still top dog at the price point for FPS audio. But, the 990 is gonna be damn close and give more bass impact, if that’s what you want. If you’re getting good deals, I see no reason to hesitate. I can’t speak to the AKG, though. I have 0 experience with it.

Akg has wide soundstage, but not very precise. The 990’s will be better overall.

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yeah i was afraid akg could have imprecise soundstage and imaging… i need it to be 100% precise to pick up enemies…

@ShokZ Is this why you were asking me about the tygr? Just now saw this post. DT 990s for competitive 880s for inbetween casual and competitive 58x for more color and warmth for all around but with less sound stage. Ad700x for brighter colored but wide sound stage yet real cheap actually shockingly good for competitive despite its price and superceded by 1000x which adds complete seperation of sound. I will let you know what I think later when I get the Tygr. Always go 600 ohm for dt if you can, sounds better. K5 pro may struggle a bit on the 600 ohms suggested switching to liquid spark or magni as we mentioned earlier.

@Falenkor thanks man. I’ll just stop asking myself “what about this headphone or this headphone” and just buy dt990 600ohm… i found my gaming gaming headphone. Now i just need to figure wich dac amp to get.


there are some cheap options but I stick with Topping. Been using a d10 which is nice. Upgrading it to an E30 which is like $40 more. Still an upgrade.

@Falenkor @RiceGuru @M0N guys i was searching for amp/dac and found this at a reasonable price… do you guys know anything about sabaj d4?
Schiit magni 3+ are very dificult to get right now due to stock isues…

The sabaj d4 is moreso a dac, it’s a fairly weak headphone amp that won’t really drive the higher impedance beyers well imo.

Thanks for info @M0N.
And Loxjie P20?

So for the beyers, that’s not going to be ideal as well, the single ended output on it is not good, and you can’t run the beyers balanced unfortunately. You could grab something like a topping a30 if you can’t get the a50, or perhaps a bellari HA543 but that one would be hard to get outside of the us I would guess, same as the archel 2.5 pro I think.

Topping a30 or a50 are avaiable here. The others are not… still need a dac and maybe i ran out of budget with a50…

Hmmmm. Well the a30 would get the job done, and should work well enough, if the price is right

@M0N a30 + d30 or wait for stock on magni 3+ + d10… 2 combos about the same price.

Hmmmmm. How long of a wait do you think it would be? I think the 3+ is a higher quality amp, but if the wait is too long, it might not be worthwhile

Actualy don’t know niether them… maybe 1 to 2 weeks…

hmm either should be ok but Imo the magni 3+ would probably pair with the sound better and the topping d10 does clean it up nicely.

Thanks for clarification guys! I’ll try to BE patient and wait for magni3+ stock.

Lol k. I think you will like it though especially if your a hardened competitive player… it through me through a loop quite a bit after I got my setup. Magni 3+ should be fine if you cant obtain the liquid spark.

@Falenkor @M0N guys i think i’ll be able to get a Líquid Spark amp… But only in 1-2 months… :sleepy:
Should i wait or get the magni 3+ ASAP? One or the other Will be paired to topping d10.