Need some help making powered studio monitors part of my home audio set up

So I am new to all of this and I have to ask a few probably dumb questions.

I have a pair of powered monitors (hs80m) and I am trying to hook them up to my TV which has RCA out as well as having the option to hook a phone up via bluetooth or aux.

Can I hook these up to an amp? will that explode them?
Can I just buy a cheap receiver on FB and slap everything in to it? do I need one with non powered outputs for the speakers?
For my use case does it really matter if I use XLR or the 1/4 input?

I am also a big cheap asshole so I would love to keep the cost down

What do you guys recommend I do here?

Well if u’r TV has RCA output and can hook phone also. Probably the TV’s volume control will work fine with the output? This probably reads in the TV’s manual, very useful to check.
This is the cheapest solution, just connect cables and play.

1/4 or XLR in this case probably does not matter.
If a amp would have balanced output’s, then you could go balanced but most cheap amp do not.

For powered monitors you usually need a preamp with signal output or more “regular” amp with output. Not the normal speakers connections Plus (+) or Minus (-)…
To connect source device -> preamp (usually with volume control) -> speakers.
If the source device has signal outputs and volume control works -> speakers.

In my mind preamp is the way to go but questions is, what are ur requirement’s for it?
Simply in, what features do you need use now or later on?
Money comes in the game. More features, more quality and options = more money.

I don’t know much about this, but I think as long as the device has pre-out for self-powered speakers it should be fine.

Thanks for the info. I am not looking to have a whole lot of “future proofness” in this setup. It is just a cheap solution to get me through the next year or two until I can really invest in a whole new setup.

Features I require are pretty minimal. As long as I can control the volume from a distance I am happy.
I don’t think I am able to hook my phone in through the TV so it looks like I would need something with 2 separate inputs or something that has bluetooth and a single input.
I don’t have a sub and don’t plan to add one so I also don’t need the ability to add any additional speakers.

Is there a preamp that comes to mind that would allow me to do this?
And if I understand you correctly you are saying that I could use a traditional amp so long as it has RCA or XLR or 1/4 output NOT the traditional speaker wire hook ups?

I have bad habit of using, finding and knowing the more pricey stuff…
Maybe something like TOPPING DX3 PRO is in the cheap side?
You might connect TV using input’s like: Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth, USB-A. Most TV’s have Optical also available.
If TV only has RCA output… this wont do.

Or S.M.S.L DP3 maybe?
If TV only has RCA output… this wont do.

yes, pretty much any amplifier (preamp & stereo amp, AVR etc) will do, 1 x PreOut is needed to connect HS8. If amp would have BT also then easy connect with phone.
Yes, do NOT use speaker output.

You can use RCA -> 1/4 cable to make the connection.


I’m sure there are a lot of us here that can sympathize with this.


I just prioritize audio over other aspects of my life, like food, so I have more budget for audio, it works pretty well for now

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I’m sure you have only one pair of shoes and you justify that just fine. LOL

I have 3 pairs of shoes, nice fancy ones for work, snow boots, and some warn out sneakers lol

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If only I could convert the money my parents give me in shoes to headphones and audio gear!

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Thank you so much this is hugely helpful.

In regards to the cables- All the ones I have found see so be a single 1/4 to 2 male RCA. Since I have 2 speakers this would result in 4 male RCA. Can I use a 2 female RCA to single Male RCA adapter to plug this in to whatever I decide on OR does a single 1/4 to single RCA cable exist?

Id say it’s most save to get everything right in the first time.
It might be bad thing if mixing 2-ended cables to signal cables and having cable end’s that are not going anywhere… You basically need this type of dual cable.

It has 2 * single ended cable’s.

  • red cable goes from amps Preout (R = Right) to right side speaker
  • white cable goes from amps Preout (L = Left) to left side speaker
    Then there ain’t no signal errors or unwanted distortions or noises.

That’s perfect thank you.

Are there any cheap boxes that you would recommend for when I want to plug more than one thing in at a time?

Well it depends how many and what kind of (analog - digital) inputs you might need, in the future.
Some give more digital inputs and some more analog.
But i don’t any cheaper ones with my quality requirements. All in china products might have something but don’t know…?
Searching is the internet is u’r friend.

Preamp’s with remote start get expensive as they have more of both analog and digital inputs.
I bought this for TV use. Plenty of inputs, remote and BT. It was in the 500$ range… but it was small and solid. No issues in ~4 years or so.

Good point I will think about this a little bit more before spending too much money.

In the mean time I found this cable just to be able to hook the speakers up top my phone for the time being. will this work?

Yes, should be fine.