Need some help to choose a right mattress

How to choose the right mattress size and which mattress brand is the best? I need help, please.

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California king and which ever brand uses the feathers of angeles.

there are some questions that need to be answered.

  • where do you live?
  • what is your budget?
  • what size are you after? single? twin? twin xl? double? queen? king? california king?

I suspect that this post is to get responses, and they reply with some product sales pitch.

America. I think it’s not suitable to show a specific address to the public. Maybe Below $2000 is friendly. I do not have much conception as to how many and what sizes they are. Is it wiser to ask for an except who is specialized in researching the mattress? I guess someone will sell their mattress products by the way you mentioned.

Oh thank you thank you! You are very kindful. maybe there was something wrong when I post this thread because I was just registered as a new member. anyway, thank you for your apprehension.

I can tell you what not to buy. Do not get a Serta iComfort. Do not go california King unless you are over 6’ (probably over 6’3"). I thought we needed the extra length because I would find myself scooted down with my feet off the edge in our Queen size bed. Turns out I still do that even with the extra length. The regular wider king is better imo and that is what we will go with next. With the Serta iComfort we have formed a hump in the middle of the bed (not cuddler’s) and I find our guest bed, which is all spring, more comfortable. I feel like traditional spring or a mix of spring and memory foam is the way to go. If you have good credit just go to matress firm (pretty sure they are country wide) and open a credit card. No interest for 4 years on the purchase and it was like $70/mo for a $3500 bed. Nice thing about this card is it can only be used at matress firm so no running it up if you don’t usually trust yourself with a credit card.

Tempurpedic. Not an imitation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going on ten years with an Ikea innerspring mattress, and it’s suiting me fine. I absolutely recommend trying them out IN PERSON to find which you prefer, especially with everything more expensive :wink:

Consumer Reports recommends mattresses from Avocado, for what that’s worth. If they have a showroom near you that could be worth checking out.

Queen size is a great middle ground for one or two people, and the sheets are slightly cheaper than King.

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What type of sleeper are you (Back, stomach, side, or combination)?
How much do you weigh?
Do you sleep hot?
Are you sleeping with someone in the same bed or by yourself?
What size mattress do you want?

I moved recently and had to do lots of bed shopping so I am familiar with beds (at least beds purchased online)

bro… full tallalay latex bed of bust… tallallay poops on foam (IMO). rather than sinking in and being absorbed the latex keeps you propped up on a cloud or a big marshmellow. It also keeps you cool as well.

There are different density layers of latex so you want when with a solid core for support and then a softer top for comfort. I think they are measured by Inner layer density (ILD) scores. it’s heavy AF and quite expensive but worth it.

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Generally, there are 4 types: Twin, Full, Queen, king. In addition to their dimension difference, what kinds of people are applicable is also one crucial factor you should take into account. Different people have different demands for the bed. For example, Twin size is friendly to single sleepers like toddlers and teens, or bunk beds because of slimness, while Full size is the best for single adults who live in a smaller room or space. They will get more economic interests at the same time, and that is one of the most outstanding advantages of the full size. However, it does not seem to be a wise option for couples who need a larger space when sleeping. Therefore, Queen and King size can be more profitable to couples and those single sleepers who are prone to sprawl out. Last but not least, pay attention to your room size and figure out what size is the one matched.

Choosing an appropriate mattress will save a lot of money for you, reducing much time you will waste before you make a decision. Honestly, K and Q are the most popular because they give sleepers a wider space to sleep more comfortably and smoothly and move around in bed more freely. You do not have to worry about any sleep problems.

As for the mattress brand, I recommend the Sweetnight or Novilla mattress. I bought a mattress from them and slept comfortably.

I personally just bought a Nectar mattress due to my old spring mattress was starting to make my back hurt. I can tell you that you’ll definitely want to take your weight into account when shopping around, I’m 225lbs and it limited me on some models. Also look for a good return policy, What feels good in the store might not feel good a week to a month down the road when the excitement of a new purchase wears off.

I called the Mattress Expert dude, works here on the East Coast. Told him my weight, height, how I sleep (Side Mostly) and what hurt from my old mattress (lower back mostly). He basically told me get a firm coil spring mattress and then a NICE Latex mattress topper to support my wight and keep me straight and comfy.

I Sleep great. I am so done with Memory Foam.

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I’ve had innerspring mattresses and memory foam. The mattress I currently have has held up the best by far, of any mattress I’ve ever owned. It’s not cheap. but I have a Sleep Number bed. It’s very comfortable and I sleep well on it. I have back and neck issues, so I really depend on my bed to help me stay supported and comfortable throughout the night.

My main goals when purchasing a bed were, to find something that will last and something that can be tailored for my (possibly changing) comfort.

Lucid Latex Hybrid … impressive for its price. My 6’6" 350lb bad back side sleeping fat ass is in supported restful bliss like I had never had before this bed. 5’4" 115lb partner is comfortable on her back, belly, side, upside down, whatever. It is not too firm for the princess.

Probably a 5 year bed before replacement, purely because of the added wear of my aforementioned size.

Go big or go home. if ya got the room, Cal King

Yeah, it’s one of the best options in the market. I’m wondering why Tempurpedic produces nothing but mattresses. But it works only with a wise setup of pillows, blankets, and sheets(like this) - Nest bedding is also perfect ones

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The current generation of tempurpedic is not as sheet dependent. The heat is controlled (that was my problem). I have the current generation because my previous one developed a mold problem. And tempurpedic did a warranty replacement of value for value. So I now have the current generation top of the line and no longer sleep hot. Very happy about it. Both with the company and the product.

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I just want to start by saying I was very hesitant to buy a mattress, because I bought my last mattress online and it is memory foam, it was so hard and I basically haven’t slept well since I got it.
After that, I ordered King Mattress from here. It’s been a year and we love it! I sleep the entire night, wake up so rested and early without my alarm, ready for the day.

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In fact, sleep is a very important part of a person’s life.

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