Needed help choosing closed headphones for music and games

Hello, i’m just starting with more quality headphones and audio.

Now I use fiio f5 iems without any dac/amp, just phone and laptop.
The problem is that it needs to be closed.
I listen to many genres for example: classical, dance, electronic, house, rock, lo-fi, kpop, jrock, hip-hop and others.

I play some games and well i need to hear where people are walking and well i spend a lot of time in front pc.
I think (I have no knowladge about this) I prefer when everything is balanced, there is nice bass (not a lot), good mids? and nice and clear highs.
just not too much of anything

I want to get some very bassic dac/amp combo or just dac with amp
this is probably a lot to ask, after looking for 5 days this is what i have in mind:

headphones: HM5, Fostex T60rp, Monolith M1060C, Audio-Technica A1000Z, dt770.

dac/amp combo: FX Audio Dac-X6, SMSL M3, SMSL SAP-II PRO,

i’m mostly looking at HM5 as real starter and then going to m1060c

i’m open to suggestions and thanks for you help

What type of budget are you looking to go up to for both the headphones and the dac/amp? There should be some good options

like 500$ for headphones
dac/amp 150?
so all 650 but of needed i can push it a bit

and another thing, massdrop will not work for me, and i’m in Europe

For the dac and amp, can you get ahold of a fiio k5 pro, (as that would be my pick in that budget)?

hard but i can push it to get it

How much is it? I don’t want to cut into the headphone budget

and it doesn’t need to be combo

The main reason why I picked the k5 pro as it has a very balanced sound with little coloration and has very good value for the money. Some of the other things I would recommend may not be available in europe

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221$ for fio k5 pro. Will i be able to play around with sound with it? just to experiment.

That’s more expensive than I was expecting, so I wonder if it might make sense to just wait and get a dac/amp later on. The fiio does not have any tone controls (so you can’t really adjust the sound without using eq on a computer)

Well for closed headphones, how much can you get a focal elegia for over there? That would meet your requirements pretty well, and in the us there was a deal for them for 500 usd recently. It is very clear and balanced, and works well with a wide variety of music and is also pretty good for gaming. You could also look for used. I also don’t think they need an amp so you could hold off on that

around 800 to 1000$ here in Poland

Well, I guess that’s out of the option then. I would suggest the beyerdynamic dt 177x go from massdrop but that won’t work either. Perhaps something like a dt770 250 ohm or an akg k371 may suit you better price wise

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ok both are around 150$ so nice, this akg k371 have very mixedd opinions, how do they actually perform?
i’m probably get dt770 250ohm as more safe bet for start but now i’m curious about those k371

And do you know about the other headphones that i was looking?
btw i appreciate your quick response and help straight to the point.

I really like the 371, and tbh the only real mixed opinion I have seen has been z. They are a very even tuning but it may be a bit warmer tilted. The 770 is v shaped so it will have pronounced treble and bass. Also you would want to pick up a k5 pro if you went with the beyers

So for the HM5, they are alright but personally I would recommend the cooler master mh751 instead at that price range. The T60rp is pretty fun and a great headphone, but take more than average power so they pretty much need a good powerful amp (more powerful than a k5 pro). I was not the biggest fan of the 1060 but I have not heard the 1060c, it it is supposed to be better. The A1000z would be very good for gaming, but it may be not ideal for your music as it is a brighter signature that does not work with all genre compared to other headphones

is there any amp that will fit 250$ range to power t60rp?
what exacly mean its more bright, dark or warm?
what about this mh751?

So bright typically means less bass, and more treble. Dark typically means reduced treble. Warm typically means a bit boosted bass and midrange. None of these are a bad thing, it just means it would fit a different preference

The MH751 is fairly even but perhaps leans a little warm, its very comfy, requires no amp, and has a detachable mic

so for starter i will probably get mh751, should i get some basic dac/amp combo over motherboard soundcard or is it not worth it at this point?