🔷 Neumann NDH20

This is the official thread for the Neumann NDH20. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Closed Back

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Z Review


So I broke down and started swapping pads. So far no winners but the XL Brainwavz with the cooling gel are close.

Also I plan on destroying them to make them balanced. I just need to hear these balanced and on my QES labs amp.

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I don’t know if I can drink the Cool Aid on these cans. I won’t be able to buy an upgraded cable at my desired length and they’re very uncomfortable? Seriously, how much better sounding are these than the Ether C Flows? I was really thinking about getting a pair of those.

Neumann are also promising that these will not be the only headphones they produce. Maybe they’ll incorporate an oval earcup in the future?

Im hoping they step away from daddy Sennheiser entirely and put out something truly theirs. I think this is a showcase of what they are capable of. If a $1200 pair comes out next year with their own designs I am throwing all the money all at once.

I am so deep in the kool-aid


would they miss the big budget and infrastructure supply from big daddy Senn tho?


Na they just need to design and manufacture something 100% Neumann and let daddy ship and sell them.

How are these for competitive gaming ?


How do these compare to the Z1R’s from sony? If you had to chose one or the other as far as closed backs go?

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Their Tuning, built, heck use case is VASTLY different.

Go balanced with the rest of my 5 headphones with the Monolith THX for $500 or buy these and stay SE for $500?

Interesting to know how these would pair with the ADI-2 - an excuse to use Hi-Power mode maybe?

Can you give me an example of how/why their use case is vastly different?

Dat comment on Amazon…

I have played in a major US symphony orchestra for 48 years (…) over the years, I have gathered a very large stable of headphones, from inexpensive to well over two grand (…) For the first time (literally the first time since I began to take audio seriously 40 years ago), it is if I am not hearing my performance through any kind of mechanical device (…) I can name all of my colleagues in the woodwind and brass sections by their unique sound production and interpretations.



Hi Z,
I was very intrigued by your review. I currently have an HD800S that I use for evaluating components and formats, doing blind A/B testing and so forth. Honestly, I don’t really care for them that much otherwise. I’d like to sell them. How do you think the NDH20 would compare in this regard?

Ill have my pair Friday and i hope to compare them to the ananda and hd800

Woah! That is quite the comment on Amazon. :frowning:

Why the frown? Your wallet is frowning too?

Exactly! I just got my Aeolus today and my girlfriend was complaining about the spillage and said I need to invest in some good closed backs. Not kidding. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Amazon.

EDIT: Ordered. :frowning:


I mean. Upgrading 5 headphones to be useable balanced sounds like the better deal.

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