New Band Recommendation requested

I’m looking for some new music to listen to. Wondered if maybe you guys could recommend some. i’m always hearing of bands here ive never heard of before lol. i’m not really up with the latest bands.

Anyway I like Bands. not so much solo artists. I like British bands. english, scottish, irish. Australians are good too. I already know and love Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Coldplay. I grew up listening to New Wave in the 80s. Still love it. A band that uses synths would be nice. Heres a list of my favorite bands.

1 Simple Minds
2 U2
3 Niel Finn
4 Tears for Fears
5 Midnight Oil
6 A-ha
7 Duran Duran
8 Smiths
9 Pixies
11 Levitation
12 Siouxe and the Banshees
13 The Sundays
14 Depeche Mode
15 Coldplay
16 The Mission
17 House of Love
18 Sting and the Police
19 Lush
20 Radiohead


Manic Street Preachers perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you like The Pixies, you may want to try listening to Sonic Youth, The Breeders, The Lemonheads, Throwing Muses and the modern band Silversun Pickups (best song is Lazy Eye).

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The Struts is also a great new band

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I think Marilyn Manson might be something to check out.

Possible things to sample via streaming
I’ll remember more later

My favourite artist, only his Mechanical animals album. The rest is a bit too heavy imo compared to these sort of bands. However his two most recent albums, Pale emperor and Heaven upside down are more rock than industrial rock and they’re both brilliant.

Yeah, Marilyn Manson’s songs are a hit or miss for me too. It seems to fit OP’s musical tastes though.

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Well I love almost all his albums, apart from the weird EAT ME DRINK ME album. I think OPs tastes would be me geared towards the new albums, nothing from Holy Wood or Antichrist Superstar

try out wild nothings

I’ll take a shot. Here is what has caught my ear since last summer. You can test them out on YouTube.

  1. Florence and the Machine. Love her voice and she plays with about ten people in the band. Very full sound. This not new or recent and I cheated here! :laughing:

  2. I recently discovered the Marcus King Band. It is blues rock. I took a few songs from every album and came up with a nice little group of songs.

  3. The Glorious Sons are a newish band with the old time rock sound.

  4. The Dirty Nil is another band. Hard rock with some edge. I have several songs and everytime they come on, the head starts bobbing.

  5. Ruby Waters is very interesting and pretty new. A mix of soul, blues and pop. I am addicted.

  6. Have you ever tried Black Stone Cherry? Very fun rock band. Southern/blues sound. They are far from new. Back to Blues Volume 2 is a great introduction (came out last year).

  7. Another band that came out of nowhere is the Blue Stones. Pop rock at its best. I bought their first album and just recently bought their new single. I can’t get enough.

  8. A guy I never heard of before is Sturgill Simpson. Apaprently he is a country singer. Wacthed this short animated movie on Netflix. The soundtrack was his new album. It is awesome! He does sneak in a few “countryish” songs though. :slight_smile:

  9. Ash Grunwald is a blues guy from “down under”. His new album has lots of guests and it is really entertaining. Most folks would like at least a few songs. I really like how varied the music is.

  10. Lastly, I am going Blues again. There is a Very young guy called Christone “Kingfish” Ingram that released his first full album. It is something Great, if you like blues at all. And he has some guests.

On the singles side, I have dipped into; Hobo Johnson, Bishop Briggs, K. Flay, Lana Del Ray, ZZ Ward, Dirty Honey, Beck, Grandson and a bunch of others.

Just food for thought.

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Genesis (preferably earlier albums)
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler
Deep Purple
David Gilmour
Fleetwood Mac

You’re welcome!


What are they preaching? and why are they manic? lol. Band name disqualification.

Thanks but Marilyn Manson seems a little extreme. I do like Nine inch nails though.

Insane Clown Posse
The R.O.C.
Jelly Roll
Lil Wyte
Syko Sam

Haha any of you want extreme I can recommend some really heavy metal for you. Deathcore being my favourite genre

Thank You Scientist is super good. You might also like the Night Flight Orchestra.

‘hallas’ and ‘idle hands’ might be up your alley

Check out the fin. really cool 2 piece indie rock band from Japan, uses a lot of synths in their music. I would describe their music as synthpop/chillwave pretty great.

I love The Jesus and Mary Chain (as well as Mark Crozer). 9 Million Rainy Days is my favorite song by them.

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