New Bee foam tips

after about a half a year of running comply tips on my t3’s I was on my last pair so I needed to buy more replacement tips but comply foam tips are like $22 CAD for 3 pairs which I find ridiculous so I decided to try these New bee tips which I haven’t seen that many people talk about which are 6 pair for like $10 off of amazon. I have pretty small ear canals so I always go with the smallest option and the shape of these ones fit me better than the comply’s I do have a set of the dekoni tips but I never use them cause they don’t fit me that well. sound isn’t altered that much aside from the improved seal


I ordered a set of these as well the other day. I should be getting them around next week. Needed replacements for my broken Tin T2 foam tips. If only Tin Hifi sold the tips separately, good lord what a buy that would be. I know you can technically get them, but I don’t want to buy a leather case every time I want one pair of T2 replacement tips.

It’s kind of funny when you get 9 sets of tips (6 from New Bee, 3 from Inairs) for the same price that three Comply’s or Dekoni’s go for. The shipping fees for both of them would have me pay almost 20 quid for something the size of a letter. Ridiculous.

It’ll be interesting to see how they are at least. I’ve got the New Bee and a set of Inairs coming up to see which ones fit and sound the best.

Well, I finally got the tips. Oh boy what a steal they are. I have to say I much prefer them over the Inairs. The Inairs are the same price, for half the amount of tips and a shitty paper case where they lie square against the instructions.

The New Bee has some light memory foam feel to it, at least when they’re cold. After warming up inside your ear they do lose their form quite fast. But they are comfortable and they have a very wide channel in them. Size wise they run a bit deeper than normal tips, but they’re not triple-flange deep. It neither sounds nor feel like I’m losing anything in audio quality. The seal is spot on and I get a solid amount of low end on both my Tin T2’s and BLON-03’s.

The Inairs however, they come in more sizes but they are shorter or about the same depth as most other IEM tips. They have a more sticky touch to the outer material, kind of reminds me of the Tin T2 tips, but it feels worse. I chose the medium tips as my middle ground test, haven’t tried the other sizes yet. They provide a good seal, but they are really really uncomfortable after some time and the start to itch like mad. They also go super soft and have close to no shape retention or even an attempt at acting like a memory foam tip.

The New Bee tips also comes in this fantastic case (or well… it’s a plastic case, but a good one nontheless) that I’d love to see more makers use. Great for protection and storage. I think I’ll just start using this as a carry case for all my different tips. They’re a steal at 9 bucks on Amazon at least. Highly recommended for anyone medium to small size on tips.


The problem I’ve had with them are they don’t last more then a couple weeks for me. No, they don’t fall appart, it’s more like they get really stiff, and aren’t nearly as malleable anymore.

Yup, mine actually got pretty crumbly after a couple of weeks, maybe due to the fact that I live in a fairly humid country. Still prefer the dekoni bullets over these.

The Comply T-400 tips that came with my Echobox Travelers have lasted about a month and are starting to have the same issue the New Bee foam tips have, though not to the same extent as of yet. They are at least still relatively comfortable. I will say that the tips that came with my T2s started falling apart after 3-4 months.

The tips on my T2’s lasted about a month or two with washing them. Then the inner tube separated from the foam and you’d start scratching your inner ear on that edge of the tube. We’ll see how long the New Bee’s last. But seeing as you get 2-6x the amounts of tips depending on brand of your chosing for same or half the price. I’d say it’s mighty worth it.

I haven’t used Comply tips in probably 10 years though. I bought a bag of them back when I owned a pair of Shure IEM’s, which I can’t recall the name of now. On that note, the IEM’s went for around 180 bucks back then. The BLON’s and the T2’s sure blow them out of the water in comparison.

I think I’m gonna try Dekoni tips next time, see how long they last. Swapping to new tips every week or two just doesn’t fly with me. The downfall of the New Bee tips for me are they have such a short lifespan in comparison, and the Comply tips cost just about as much as two packs of New Bee tips while lasting at least just as long while creating less waste.

IIm still on my first pair weirdly enough seeing some wear but not to the point where I want to replace them just yet

anyone having issues with foam tips not lasting long should check out Symbio W. They are silicone foam hybrids, that have the isolation and secure fit of foams but last way longer. I’ve been using the same pair on my T2 since June. Pretty much my go to tip these days.

My issue with the Symbio’s is that the final contact between the tips and your canals are still silicone. And though I find they fit well, I prefer not to have contact with silicone material because that’s what causes my ears to itch

Just got a set today and liking them so far (edited as they seem to offer slightly less bass, maybe a personal fitting thing which could be useful for the 03’s…mids trebles are cool tho) have added them to my Inair and comply tip selection, look kinda funky on the P1’s and Hart Cable combo…oh and yeah agreed they come with a nice case too…


That is quite the color combo.

Did your paracord your own wire?

Nah mate brux #Hartaudio off of here made me a custom 3.5mm Trrs balanced to mmcx for my ifi nano to P1 :+1:

Sweeet!! The combo looks dope. A black Hartaudio cable with red foamies should look freakin awesome on the Tape

It should indeedy :+1:

Oh man, you’re giving me ideas now. I’ve wanted to grab myself a pair of Tape’s purely because of how they look, and I’m very interested to see how they sound with that driver design. I might have to order a pair in January or February.

Got some of these for the BL-03 along with Dekoni and will be comparing them.