Blon 03 hype thread

took a gamble on 2pin 2.5mm cable of tripowin c8, hope it gets the job done

I heard some things that the cable of the BL-03s are not that good? If so it might be a good idea to get some like replacement cables for it though it will cost you more than $38. But oh well an improvement of an IEM that you love is sometimes necessary to give it a bit more of an individuality.

Cable is ok, you can live with it until you can get a replacement. It is cheap, but ofc useable.

I’m waiting on this one.

That is good to know and yeah Yinyoo is good, though I got to wonder what is the difference of an 8 core and a 16 core cable though for I only have 2 eight cores for T2s and ZS10 Pros.

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Does anybody have a suggestion for cheap replacement tips? It is hard to justify 20 dollars for tips on a budget IEM.

Tips can make or break an iem, so it’s worth trying a few out as the results will vary from person to person, spending a few extra bucks on tips that fit, lockdown and seal is well worth it imo.

Could start here?..New Bee foam tips

What would be the overal better choice in terms of sound quality, the Blon 03 or the KZ ZS 10 pro?


I got the zs10 pro first before I got the blons. I found the highs to be on the harsh side with some songs. The blons are never sharp and overall just sound better to me in every way, and they’re cheaper too. I returned the zs10 pros and kept the blons. I will admit however that the zs10 pros had an overall better fit than the blons for me. But the sound is more important to me. I got the blons fitting good finally.

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Alright thanks for your response, after reading some reviews i guess more people prefer the blons. Do you know what size of eartips i can buy for it?

I used the 4.9mm dekoni tips

If you’re interested the 03’s love a bit of tube action :+1:

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PM me I can send you a pair of Dekoni Samples.


Lets see if the BLON 03 replace my T2 in my travel kit.

(SMSL IDEA DAC (already ordered a Ztella replacement w/ MQA) w/all the cables I could ever need, a pair of both silicon and DAKONI tips (S), 1/4" adapter and my T2)

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Please let me know how they compare!

Well if you cannot replace your daily IEMs, it is best to have them all on the go when they are going neck in neck because I cannot choose one xD.

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They replaced my t2s. So now, blons, earstudio es100, cables to connect that to anything incase I don’t want to do Bluetooth, some extra dekoni tips, and I’ll occasionally throw in the monoprice thx portable.


Nice, I think the T100 is interesting, but I’ll have to see when I get my Blons in on how they compare.

These are good, but I’m still searching for good tips to use. I’m currently using spinfits cp100 and they fit great but the isolation is not good at all… I wish my Symbio W would work correctly with these but they just are such a pain to get in and seal correctly with this pair. I have a pair of Symbio Peels on the way to see if those fare any better. Is anybody using good isolating foamies with these? Comply? Dekoni? I’ve never really ventured into those brands so don’t know what is good.

I use dekonis with mine. Had them in a few hours earlier today. Comfortable and isolating.

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If only we have sellers of Dekonis here in my country, though I can get Complys and I am curious on how will it affect the sounds I have on my IEMs.