New Campfire Dorado

Looks interesting…

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I’ll definitely wait till reviews for both the Dorado 2020 and Vega 2020, but looks interesting. Hopefully the Vega keeps a similar signature to the original, but improved.

i’m not really interested in putting a tuna in my ears…thanks, but no.

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Maybe CF can tuna IEM to your liking? lol

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forget the movie…but love the phrase Stalone said…‘you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.’

REO Album too :+1:

It’s nice that you’re addressing me about the Dorado :pray:.

It may be that I am addressing a delicate controversy with this post,


but these are just my experiences and insights that I have gathered over the past few years.

I read reviews from the two leading in-ear reviewers Crinacle & Precog a while back and noticed their relatively poor opinion of these earphones.


Now it is clear to me that every person can perceive sounds differently due to the individual shape of the auditory canal.

But there is actually another aspect to this!

Through my professional and private contacts, I spent a lot of time in Asia, especially Japan, and found that their tonal preferences differ significantly from those of a Central European.

Namely because they prefer a significantly brighter, much less bass-supported and in the lower middle frequency ranges tonal interpretations that are just as slightly withdrawn.

This makes most Asian in-ear models sound very analytical and “open” and fascinating at first, but for longer listening sessions I personally can’t really get anything out of it, on the contrary it rather bothers me.


I always find it interesting to read that makes me call it “neutral”, I would often call it “shrill” or “boring”.
:persevere: :yawning_face:

For me, music has a lot to do with emotions and passion, which is composed and performed to create or live out corresponding feelings, and not to dissect the artist’s work.

Or have any of you ever spent your first date with a candlelit dinner in a neon-lit operating room and been able to develop romantic feelings?


This is exactly where the Dorado comes in for me,

it sounds extremely “right” to my ears, it has a very solid, precise bass foundation on which the entire sound is built.
The voices are where they belong, namely always slightly in the foreground of the band, both voices and instruments are clearly perceptible separately from each other on a very neatly staggered imaging of a “realistic” stage.

It should also be noted that the symbiosis with the music is very interesting with these earphones, it is one of the few earphones I know that are able to present calm, relaxed compositions just as relaxed as they have the agility in the next moment , to emphasize dynamic music elements just as precisely.

An ability that the significantly more expensive Solaris, for example, does not have in this form, as it is permanently more energetic.

Coupled with the fact that the Dorado is extremely comfortable to wear, this earphone gets the very best ratings from me.
:+1: :100:

As a very high-quality everyday in-ear, this Dorado is my first choice for being able to “enjoy” music across genres.

For analytical listening sessions, or genre-specific listening pleasure, there are certainly others that will meet these demands.


Wow, thank you very much for your insightful and elaborated response.

I totally agree with your thoughts. I don’t listen music to see what my gear can reproduce. I just want to enjoy music. When I buy a TV, I want to watch movies and TV shows. Obviously I prefer to have the best watching experience, but I don’t watch only BBC 4K documentaries because they just look beautiful on the TV…

I agree on the long listening sessions on neutral gear. It just turn to the be boring and fatiguing.

I bought the Campfire Cascades used, without any information about them. It was just a good offer. And it turns out that I love them, more than the Audeze LCD2Classic and the Fostex Ebony. I have been listening them for a long time and they are great headphones. Then I discovered that a lot of reviewers and audiophiles trash them. Who cares?. However I probably would have not bought them if I have read/watch some reviews.

I like the Thieaudio Clairvoyance. They sound really great, but they have never “hooked” me. After 40 minutes, the wow effect goes down and I got tired of listening music.

Because of the Cascade experience I have been thinking about the Z1R, the Dorado or the Vega. I have found a B-stock Vega for a decent price (499$), but I still have doubts… When I want to purchase something new, I grab my current gear and I just enjoy music, then I don’t want to buy anything new… After a while I think that I should better save the money on mid-fi and go directly for the Z1R (1500€ on accessory jack)…

Hi-fi gear is a crazy world…

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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