New Cayin N6ii-Ti with R2R


The only thing saving my wallet in this case is my utter lack of desire to stream, thus not needing Android, thus thus not being willing to pay for all the Android bells & whistles (that also comes with crap battery life). It’s good to be a Luddite sometimes, LMAO.

Seriously though, the ti version looks sweet AF.

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This seems pretty neat, wonder how it will compare to the L&P players


I was a little excited for this but price is oooo. The M11 just doesnt do it for me and i dont think synergizes well with my headphones

Seems more DAP manufacturers are using R2R dacs or at least offering it as an option…wonder if iBasso will follow suit :thinking:


Yes, new Xduoo x2s using R2R too.

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Any expected price on that one? Also do you know when that’s coming out/have any more info?

Xduoo x2s is already out and sounds superb with great power for such a tiny device (250mW - 32ohm).
Only $59/ÂŁ45
Link here for info.

Pretty sure that’s using the dac inside it’s soc, which would not be r2r (at least from what I see)

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Sorry, thought you were referring to rail to rail which is noted in Xduoo x2s link I posted.

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That’s super cheap for an R2R Dap Dac :open_mouth: the R2R card for the N6ii is
$600 :man_shrugging:

Ah gotcha, yeah this is about r2r resistor ladder based dacs not daps with rail to rail opamps

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:+1:t2: my bad :joy:

Some pics…


Do we have a date yet? Would love to see a p6p vs this vs hm1k

I think Chris @hawaiibadboy has one to hand :+1:

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Konda supriswd he hasn’t dont p6p, hm1000 or lp6ti to be dead honest

There was one on Head-Fi for sale the other day for sale

One of these for sale? I didn’t even realize they were out

Sold now though :sweat_smile:

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