New Headphone recommendation $300

Hi there,

I’ve been following this forum since last weekend and read a lot of threads on here. I’ve ordered the JDS Atom yesterday and am looking forward to use it as my first ever headphone amp.

I’m currently using a Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset (1st Gen) for everything (music, gaming, etc.).
I don’t know if this headset is built similiar to another beyerdynamic headphone.

I really like this headphone for gaming but I would like to ask you guys if you could recommend another, maybe better, headphone for about 200-300$ that fits the Atom amp well if you could say it that way. I just feel that there are maybe some other options in this price class and its time for a change after roughly 6 years using them.

I don’t listen to a single musical genre although rock, grunge, metal, etc are dominant in my playlists but Im not a bassjunkie. I do enjoy quiet music or even classical, orchestral music from time to time.

I should mention that I have no other headphones at home. I did however test some other beyerdynamic headphones in the past, but I cannot remember which model.

Sorry for the long post. Thank you for your help! And sorry if I forgot something.

Greetings from Germany


The HD58x is a great all rounder open back that’s great for gaming and music/movies

If you wanted a more fun (v shaped), wide headphone, the modhouse argon mk3 is a great semi closed back.

Also if you needed a mic, the cooler master mh751 is good as well

Edit: the AKG K712 might also be in your budget, and would be a wide with good soundstage headphone

Thank you for you fast answer. I should have mentioned that I’m really happy with the performance of the mmx 300 while gaming with it.

So I’m basically looking for a music only headphone if the performance would be better when focusing on music only. Sorry, I forgot that.

The beyerdynamic dt 880 250 ohm also might be up your alley. IMO it’s an improvement over the mmx 300. Also all the headphones I mentioned above are great for music, the gaming is an added benefit

I would also consider buying a used headphone because I saw an Dt 1990 Pro for about 350$. Is that a good price?

I never really understood these ohm differences in theír products.

the higher the impedance, the faster the diapham returns to it’s start/neutral position. this is good for sound, but makes it hard to drive and needs a very good amp.

Thank you for answering. But the jds atom is capable of doing that isnt it?

Just to clarify though, higher impedance doesn’t necessarily mean a more detailed or better headphone. There are plenty of stellar low impedance headphones out there. Regarding the Beyer dt770/880/990 headphones, the lower ohm versions (32 and 80) typically are easier to drive and have boosted bass and effect the highs a bit. The higher ohm (250 and 600) generally are more flat and controlled vs the lower impedance versions. Basically don’t focus on impedance unless you are worried about not being able to drive them

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The atom is just fine for any of the beyer headphones tbh. Although for the 600 ohm, you might want a little more, so pretty much anything under 450 ohms is perfectly fine

Thank you thats very interesting.

Besides the beyerdynamic headphones, and the ones you mentioned earlier, are there any other headphones you can recommend?

Like THE headphone in this priceclass? I guess its pretty hard to tell because everyone like different stuff.

if you can boost your budget, for $400 there is the Audeze Mobius, which is a wireless planar magnetic with a gaming focus.

TBH, it’s probably going to be different based on what you listen to.

I mostly listed top in the price class for general all round usage.

I guess I would also add the hifiman sundara on there as well for a little over

I see.

Well I think I’m listening to bands like Tool, Pearl Jam, Rammstein and RCHP the most atm and all the time actually. I’m just switching to other genres from time to time :smiley:

What is your preferred sound signature?

If you like a warmer not as harsh sound, the hd58x or the hd650/6xx is the way to go.

If you want a very fast, bright and detailed sound, the hifiman sundara is something to look into.

If you like subbass and a really wide sound, the argon mk3 is great

If you want something fairly neutral and something with the beyerdynamic sound signature, the dt880 is great. If you have the budget for a used 1990, it’s an aggressive excellent headphone

no love for the Mobius, M0N?

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Not really tbh. It doesn’t fit his situation because he was looking for mainly a music can.

I don’t have anything against the mobius for gaming purposes, but imo, there’s better out there for music listening for that price. It would be awesome for a vr setup or sim racing or whatnot, but I just wasn’t super impressed with it’s current form. It’s not like I would discourage people from buying it if they want the features and the package as a whole, but I personally just wouldn’t recommend it.

I doubt if anyone outside Europe can answer re good price. The 1990 is generally considered a very good headphone even at its list price. But with one caveat. Like most of the DT series it has a boosted response at certain high frequencies. In the case of the 1990 that’s 7-9 kHz.

If you are treble sensitive in general or have something called an ear canal resonance at that frequency range you’ll find the 1990s very annoying with certain music content that has sound up that high. In that case, you can buy a particular foam earpad insert for a few dollars that is reputed to eliminate the problem. Or just put some toilet paper in the earcups. At a guess this will only be an issue for at most 5% of the population.

There is a DT 1990 thread on this forum that may be worth reading as well.

Thank you all for answering!

I think the new headphone will only be used to listen to music. If I would play a game like csgo I would just use the mmx 300.

Therefore Im really just looking to get the best performance for the money I have.

Treble sensitivity shouldnt be a problem, i have never noticed it before.

I will read the 1990 thread, thanks for the info.

If I manage to save up abit more money and reach the lvl of a Sennheiser hd 660 or beyerdynamic dt 1990, which one would your prefer? Have you owned them before and is there a major difference other than in the way they are built?

Whats the reason for these massdrop headphones to be so much cheaper than the original headphone? Are they of lower quality?

Again, thank you for helping me out

Ok, so the 660 and 1990 are great headphones (also can be had used for your price range, so look into that), and it depends what you prefer. The 660 is going to be the warmer, more relaxed headphone, with slightly rolled off highs and decent subbass. The 1990 is going to be much more in your face, with aggressive bass and treble, that may be fatiguing to some in comparison. I think both are equally comfortable and built well. It’s pretty much preference. Both aren’t super amp picky and will have no issues with the jds atom. I would say that the 1990 is the technically superior headphone as it’s slightly more detailed and has better soundstage.

I’ve owned and heard a crap ton of headphones, and currently own the 660s and had a 1990.

Regarding massdrop headphones, the 6xx is virtually identical to the hd650 with a slightly cheaper, but equally solid build. The 58x is more of a massdrop exclusive and has a similar tuning to the 660s, but is not there in detail and imaging. I wouldn’t say they are lower quality, just different products for different price points.