New IEM for $100

Hello everyone i am looking to get suggestions for a pair of iems that suit my music artists which are mainly the carpenters marvin gaye barry white and a little of the doors. My budget is $100. I am also looking for a dongle dac that i can use my samsung galaxy s21 ultra. I will be replacing the samsung usb c to 3.5 adapter which has a little longer until it breaks. Any suggestion is welcome.

I have more experience with headphones than IEM’s, but I will say my Moondrop Aria’s are pretty awesome and reasonably priced. I use them with a Fiio BTR5.

I’ve heard the arias are good. I own a pair of sundaras 2020 edition and i like the sound of them. Im assuming that i can’t get a pair of iems with a similar sound for that price?

Mele, Aria, Tin T3+ and KZ ZEX Pro man there’s a lot of good sets in that price point.


Perhaps you can look at Etymotic ER2XR (for the extra bass which I think is better but please note that I’ve not listened to it irl, just according to the FR graph). If you would like less bass, the ER2SE is also another good option. Again I’ve not listened to both of these, but many recommend them so I’d say it’s worth your attention :slightly_smiling_face:

Moondrop Aria. Apple USB-C DAC dongle.

A hell of a nice setup for $90 USD.

The Ety sound pleases many people. The deep ear canal insertion of Ety fit does not.

Caveat emptor.

the ZEX Pro have proven themselves to be good? how similar to the ZEX are they?

there are a number of good dongles to use with smartphones, just look for one’s with stress relief aand woven covers which ease crimping as that’s the death knell of cables.

If you had to choose the best one out of these what’s your number 1 pick. I mean sound wise and quality of wire.

How about the starfields. I had a pair of blon bl03 that recently stopped working. I like the signature of the blons but i am also looking at the starfields.

ddHifi TC35b + KSC75 ( :wink:)

If you like Blon, I’d say Mele. Comes with a great cable in stock.

ER2XR is prolly the best bet, but the fit and power needed are a problem.

Tin T3+ is new in town and seems to be very close to Mele as well.

Regarding starfields, just go Aria and save some bucks.

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How about something from fiio?

I don’t like fiio, sorry.

Ah ok. Have you tried the arias?

Only moondrop I’ve had was Variations, sorry.

I guess mele it is. What dongle would you recommend?

Apple dongle for budget. US version is even more powerfull!

How about something a bit more durable. I am outside alot so the dongle takes alot of abuse when i bend alot.