New IEM Help recommendation!

Hello! I am looking for a new pair of iems that I will end up purchasing in the next few months. My goal is to keep them around $200, but if saving up longer for a pair I might like more is better, then I don’t mind. I don’t have much experience with sound and what exactly I like in a pair of iems, but I think I would prioritize warmth then bass then neutral (in that order) in a pair of iems. Currently, I own a pair of Tin t2s and from what I have read, they appear pretty neutral to me but they are still stunning. Also, I have the shp9500 headphones (I think the non s version) and I love them to death. If anyone can think of some ideas that would be wonderful, thank you.

Ikko oh10s? Have a wide soundstage for an iem and have a nice bass bump. Great build quality, but the heavy weight can be uncomfortable to some

The tin p1’s are pretty neutral and exciting, but might need more power then most iems

I second the Tin hifi p1. Only issue is power. It performs bass better with power. I use them on my iPhone and have no complaints besides bass. Hook them up to portable amp and they transform into another beast. I use my portable amp sometimes so I’ve heard the difference.

They look good, are they relatively new as well? Could you link a video or review somewhere just so I could get a second opinion? What are some of your recommendations a little bit above my price point?

I’d be playing off my sony nw-a45 walkman dac so power is no issue e: hows the warmth of the sound? That’s something I’m really adamant about.

bad guy good reviews and Z has a review on them.

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I’ll take a look in the morning, I oughta get to bed eventually.

check linsoul for purchase and info

for the oh10s or the p1?

p1. need to add 20 charaters to post.:crazy_face:

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I only have tin hifi t3 and p1 and i’m going to p1 strictly i’m a planar guy.

I’ll let you know in the morning, thanks for the info. Do you have any recommendations for iems a bit above the price point I listed?

campfire audio has good reviews

The campfire IO was pretty good, but I think there are better values out there

Chinese brands make hell of a product. If you look through bad guy good reviews he sticks to iems. Fiio is one that has a good rep.


I think the P1 is better than OH10. Vocals are lacking in the OH10. Since i own both and im not happy with either (both have issues) then I would go for instead. Bad guy has a review on em

I’ll take a look at some of campfire audio, the IOs, oh10s, fh7s (or fh5s) and the p1s and get back to you today or tomorrow. Are the Campfire IOs new? I haven’t really heard much about them.

I’ll add them to the list to check out, thanks.

They’re a pretty high end brand, and the IO is a newer mid-range iem from them

You might get a good deal on the ikko oh1 since it’s been replaced by the OH10’s