New LSA headphones priced to compete w/Kennerton?

Just bought the open box HE1000 V2 from the Hifiman Store for $1699. My first Hifiman/Planar headphone. Can’t wait to see how they compare to the HP-2s.


Congratulations! I have heard great things about the HE1000 V2. I am eager to read your impressions.

I’ve been listening to the HE1000 V2s for a couple days. The imaging/instrument separation is so good that the music almost sounds fake…and that’s it. It is very bright and harsh sounding, I don’t find it warm at all. I’m wondering where the lower midrange and soul to my music went, but I realize they were all taken out and tossed up above 2000khz. Have to make sure vocals sound great regardless how empty and harsh everything else sounds.

Compared to the LSA HP-2? The HP-2 wins easily. No contest. Much larger soundstage width/depth. Treble is much more refined. Better dynamics and growling sub-bass. A much fuller cohesive sound. The recessed hollow mid-range is still a better compromise than what the HE1000 compromises on: Scooped lower mids/boosted treble screeching at you. It just is the more musical headphone.

If we EQ the LSA HP-2 at 455hz & 1800hz up by 4.5dB, it completely murders the HE1000 V2 in every single facet. You have something that sounds like a Sony MDR-R10 going against an Oratory1990 EQ’d Sundara.

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Wow. I am fascinated by these observations. Fascinated, but not really surprised. In all the reviews and things I have read about the HE1000 V2, all I ever heard was how detailed they were and how good the resolution was etc. And while all that is fine, never did I hear or read how musical they were or how much they enjoyed the music while using these headphones.

Meanwhile, every time I have a session with the HP-2, I never want to take them off because I am enjoying the music so much. So there you go. It just speaks to the point I made earlier that just because something is more expensive (more than twice the price in this case) doesn’t mean it’s automatically better. @EternityInParis Thanks for sharing your impressions. Perhaps the HE1000’s will change a bit over time and become more enjoyable for you.

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lol the way you describe is the way he1000se sounds like me, i was curious how most people describe the he1000v2 as a completely different warm sounding headphone