New open back Headphones

Hi guys

I am thinking of buying some open headphones. Right now I have a premium DT990 but I find them muddy and the headband is uncomfortable after a while.
I will use the headphones mainly for gaming and music, my budget is up to 120.
I was looking for something mostly comfortable that can use several hours without problems and that has a good sound for music.
My main options are Sennheiser HD 559, Sennheiser HD 599 and Sennheiser PC37X.

What is your opinion?


I think the hd58x might be a great option. Its kinda strange that you find the 990s muddy

Edit: since you changed your budget I don’t know if there are any other good open backs in that range that would be an upgrade from the 990

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Perhaps the ad700x but it might not be for everybody for fit and sound. It’s really good for gaming though

The pc37x is pretty good imo too, and the mic is pretty solid too. I would say thats probably going to be the better all rounder

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if you can stretch you budget to $140 like @mon said the 58x are excellent or jujmp on the sale for the he 4xx that would be a great oiption too I personally think they are a bit better for gaming than the 58x. I too own the 990 and both headphones compliemnt the 990 pretty we;;

Ah I forgot about the 4xx sale, yeah that’s a pretty great option at that price

I really dont enjoy the pc 37x for music but it is awesome for gaming

It’s pretty all right imo, but yeah I think it could do better

I can find both PC 37x and 599 under 100 used. The 599 must be better for music and gaming than pc37x right?

I would say so because of the tuning

as well as newer better drivers. not my favorite can in any sense of the word but for being an all rounder it;s pretty alright and for that price its a pretty damn good deal

The 598 and the 599 are the same headphone?

no the 599 Imo sounds better it has a newer driver . the 599 has more detail in the treble and mids overall a more engaging headphone. just doesn’t fit my tastes.

first of all most importantly what type of music do you listen to? as well as what games do you play?

If your looking for comfort, you really need to try headphones on.
For whatever reason I really don’t like the feel of Sennheiser’ s in the 598/6xx range on my head.
While they are light, I find the clamping force excessive, and the foam is too hard.
You can probably stretch them out a bit and wear the foam in, and lots of people seem to not have these issues, so YMMV.

they get better over time especially the pads. it does require a fair buit of time the Ad 900x are pretty damn comfy

You are in the minority there lol. Alot of people don’t seem to like the comfort of the air series

Also senns are pretty dang comfortable once you wear it in imo

damn really? its been a while but I remember them being quite comfy

I think the comfort is fine but I don’t think I could consider calling them comfy. A fair amount of people I know would agree

I mostly listyen EDM, Hiphop and rock. I play triple A games and some “e-sports”

you may benefit more getting the he 4xx neither the 599 or the pc 37x really have any bass. and wouldn’t very enjoyable for those genres. although I do really like my 990 with those genres. my amp does calm the highs a wee bit making the headphone one of my favorites in my collection

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