New PS 5 and XBOX without Optical in


There are messages that the Playstation 5 like the new Micrsoft X box will not have an optical output.
However, it is still a rumor that the audio output will be via HDMI.
What would be really annoying, I was now in the assumption that I could continue to use my current equipment.
This is also the result of comments from other console players and they are quite annoyed.
I play now on the monitor and have an AUdio output on the monitor 3.5 Dac has unfortunately no RCA input.
Where now the question arises what to buy when it is ready as converter and Co?

Would you also be annoyed if you really leave out the optical connector?
I think it really sucks if the rumor is true.

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That would be a problem for me to. I read astro is making an hdmi audio extractor with optical out for their headset to be compatible with the ps5.

Why it would be even a rumor… HDMI audio has been available long time.

He means the HDMI would be the only audio output, like the Ps4 Slim. The Ps4 pro has HDMI (video and audio) and Optical(audio).

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Oooh, crusial word was missing.
Still. Probably wrong, these are advertised and mentioned so wireless possibilities are present.
Will it be picky, what it can use? Will be informed later.

Those look awesome! The ps4 also has audio through USB. The ps4 wireless headsets are connected through USB dongle. We do not know if the Ps5 will have audio through Bluetooth (Ps4 does not).

My bad, let me rephrase.
Ps5 audio out:

  • HDMI
  • USB ( could be a dongle, or some DACs will work with USB)
  • Bluetooth??

Ps4 audio out:

  • HDMI
  • USB(same as above)
  • Optical

HDMI audio to optical/Coax converters are about $25.

That is an option. Those converted have been out for a while.
Astro is making their own for the Ps5. They will sell it at 40$ (25$ if you register your Astro headset serial).

This is crap what they are doing.
So you will have to wait until there is a Pro or Elite version that supports the audio type.
Or maybe not at all, because Köse is a converter for a converter of a converter that converts.
A miserable audio chain that is unnecessarily extended.
I hope that it is a rumor and that there will be an optical connection at the Ps5.
Especially I have seen people complaining.

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It is not a rumor. It’s confirmed. But I’d hold off on the outrage until we know more. I’m really hoping Sony is changing how audio output works and that we’ll be able to get the 3D audio or other features (chat mix!) through USB.

Sony and Xbox just moving along with the technology.
Much easier to take audio and video with current ways, more modern connections and not build optical anymore.

HDMI, wireless(network) and UBC-C it the way forward. PS5 seems to have normal USB-port for wireless dongle for Pulse 3D, so some audio features are available but will they work with old DAC’s?

This is all good news! You get to upgrade and that is fun.
So more and better audio.
I just can’t see any bad about it. I have been making preparations and planing and buying gear for PS5, Auro3D surround sound audio with immersive glass speakers and 4K gaming + 4K movie disk’s for like 5 years now.
Only thing missing is the PS5. Why aren’t you all prepared for the future and changing tech?

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Get a Smsl sh-1. Cheap hdmi to optical pass through.

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The Smsl looks really realy not bad.Is it good enough?

It’s been working great for me.

New Xbox X, same with S.
No optical so looks good for the future.


Really shit.Thanks man :pray::+1:

I really was wishing optical would be included. Yet to see if its on the PS5 i fucking hope so or I just have to get a converter.

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I could be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure the PS5 has been confirmed as NOT having optical.

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thats a real shame as my my AV doesnt have HDMI and the only way to get nice audio in is Optical and its one of the best sounding AV’s ive ever had. It may be old at around 20years but its a beast. But i also heard they may have USB audio if so that should be fine just use to optical it.

Can I ask, does you tv have optical out? Can probably use that with your console connected.