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I am a competitive gamer who also likes to listen to music and stream. As of right now i have the steelseries arctis pro that were $330 and broke on me in 4 days. I’m done with the whole “gaming hedset”

I am looking for a headphone mostly for gaming and some music. And of course dac/amp to go with it. i have no idea what im looking for since i am new to this. however i want a big sound stage so i can pinpoint where the enemies are. i guess i can use dolby atmos for 7.1 surround sound. i like a loud base and high tremble is this what they call a “V” sound . my budget is $400

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What type of games do you play and what music do you listen to?

I play FPS online csgo, COD, Valorant, escape from tarkov, GTA fivem, and for music I love all types must mostly rap and rock and edm. the headphones have to have bass like when I’m in a game and a grenade explodes right next to me I want to feel that rumble. Also high tremble so I can hear footsteps. Is there a app or something where I can adjust the equalizer

In that case I’m inclined to say something like the dt990 600 ohm would be up your alley, it’s got plenty of treble, very good soundstage and imaging, and also is slightly v shaped too, and pairing it with something like a liquid spark amp will give a bit more warmth and low end, while smoothing out the high end. Then just grab a dac like the topping d10 or smsl Sanskrit 10th anniversary and you should be good to go

Yes you could eq if needed, you can use APO with Peace and be just fine

Hey there Steven… The word your looking for is treble :grin:

Thanks so much I will have to do some research on the items you suggested before I make a purchase.

Hello Jon thanks for telling me about this forum

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Welcome to the rabbit hole. Prepare you bank account to gradually be emptied.


It could either be gradual or immediate depending on the person lol


Very true. Mine had a slow start, than quickly got out of hand, and now I’ve slowed down a ton.

Hey M0N, do open back have less or not as deep base then closed back. Also why a amp and dac why not get one that are combine in one unit. How will this connect to my PC with one USB?

So, typically open backs will have less quantity, but more quality bass, but it’s not a rule or anything, there are many exceptions (but if you want all out quantity you typically want closed or semi open)

So having separate components allows you to be flexible, and mix and match what you like, it also allows for easy upgrades to a single component, typically not possible in an all in one.

Also typically sperate components tend to allow you to get equally as good components where there tend to be some compromises with all in ones. Take the fiio k5 pro for example (an all in one in your price range), it’s fairly amp focused, so imo the amp is higher quality than the dac inside. Or the topping dx3 pro, it’s more dac focused where imo it has a better dac and the headphone amp is alright. Going sperates like the stack I mentioned above allows for a good balance of both good amp and dac performance

The dac will connect to the pc, the dac will connect to the amp via rca, and the headphones will connect to the amp. The amp will have a wall socket power plug as well


Good morning M0N I’ve been doing a lot of research and my head is spinning and hurting lol. Is there a bass and treble knob on amps or dac. Also have you had any experience with this head set I’m a little afraid that i will hate open back what would be a good semi closed. or should i just getting something that works for now I’ve heard nothing but good news about this headphone

Yes, but that has fallen out of favor over the years, it’s starting to make a resurgence now but it’s still not common. You could either accomplish this with digital eq, or pick up a device like a schiit loki or bellari EQ570 that you can chain into your amp and dac stack (which would end up being cheaper than getting an amp with tone controls)

Which headphone are you referring to? Also what do you think you will dislike about open backs? There are many semi closed or closed headphones to pick from, for what you are looking for, you could look for a used fostex x00 purpleheart or x00 ebony as they have excellent bass slam and impact, real bass kings, also a slight v shape with a bit elevated detailed treble, but they don’t have a very large soundstage but do still position well. Another semi closed option might be a used audioquest nighthawk or nighthawk carbon, which have a unique signature and are actually pretty wide and have great bass response as well, but a slight recession in the treble.

That’s a decent headphone, and it would work for the time being but it’s one of those you get what you pay for moments, it’s good but it’s pretty meh overall and unimpressive for me at least. I think if you wanted to get something in that range, check out the creative aurvana live, the build is cheap but it’s got pretty fun signature and the bass is actually pretty good too

damn that’s expensive a digital eq sure sound’s like the way to go. i dont mind spending money just want it to be worth it and not feel like a waist.

i’m referring to the dt990 600 ohm not a fan on the way they look. however i did find these in black and i love them but they are 250 ohm. Not sure how much that affects the quality.

I haven’t seen a gamer use the dt990. But i do see a lot of sennheiser HD 58x Jubilee, and the ATH-AD500X, also the DT 990 PRO.

FYI for music i only listen to youtube, pandora and spotify not sure if that’s a hi-def file.

If you want no nonsense easy tweaks it worth it, but digital eq is simple and free so perhaps try that out first

They are extremely popular with gamers, the premium 600 omh is just a higher quality pro. You could look at the dt880 600 ohm premium if you liked the look of that better, but it would be more neutral. They do have a black edition of the 880 600 ohm but it’s slightly worse than the regular because the black pads accentuate the treble a bit

The 58x is also pretty sweet, a warmer sound that’s pretty nice, good all rounder. I think the 990 and 880 does better imaging and soundstage and detail though, the 58x are a bit more relax and enjoy music headphones

The ad500x are pretty good for gaming but not good all rounders, also imo I think they are outperformed for multipurpose by the beyers and the senns

The main difference between the pro and premium is that the premium is a bit more comfortable and also have a straight cable instead of coiled. Otherwise the same headphone but the 990 pro doesn’t come in 600 ohm. I think the 880 600 ohm black might be up your alley perhaps, although you might want to eq in a bit of low end

It’s not, but a higher quality setup will increase your sound quality nonetheless


They were my first step away from gaming headphones. Won’t give you the most immersive explosions, but do a fine job as allround gaming cans.

And they are super light and open.

Quality stuff costs quality money. If it worth it is up to you.


Yeah they are good for competitive because of their bass light brighter signature, with pretty good imaging and soundstage, but for music very meh and comfort is hit or miss depending on your head


Wow you guys are helping so much. maybe the best way to do this is to pick an amp and dac first when i receive them. I will then order a couple of headphones and return the ones i don’t like. so i think im going to go with the spark for the amp not to sure yet on the dac. I’ll order the DT 990 PRO, 880, DT 880 Premium Semi-Open,and the 880 lol

Maze i am definitely looking for the most immersive explosions and an good soundstage so i can pin point my enemy.

I’d say throw the Philips Fidelio X2HR on your list as well. Compared to the 880s they have more bass and a bigger sound stage. I like the X2HR better for gaming the 880s better for music.

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