Nice headphone for spotify and hidisz sonata

Hi there
I’m not looking for the best headphone ever, but i’d like to get the best headphone i can for my use
I listen to spotify, and since i have am op7 pro i have to use a dongle, so i bought an hidisz sonata, that means i have a 32ohm output.
I’d really like a warm sound, but also defined (as defined can get from spotify as a source). More than a punchy sound i like my bass to reach DEEEEEEP.
I was looking for ath ws1100is or beyerdinamic dt 770 pro 32 ohm (or even 80? Could the dongle drive them?)
Also philips fidelio x2 seems pretty interesting but i cant really decide.
Budget is not a problem, i mean, if i think a pair of cans worth 500 for my use i could spend them, but of course if i can get a good result for less would be better.
Also comfort is a really important thing for me Soundstage… I dont really care a lot.
I have seen like all the reviews in the world but i cant really decide. I hope someone get the situation and could suggest me the best thing im looking for.
(Sorry for my english, but im italian, i can speak only pizza good).

You’d probably like these, TR-X00

Yup, the purple heart version slams and digs super deep. Narrow soundstage with great imaging and large v shape. Also pretty detailed. But i wouldn’t say warm

Seems a really nice option, any other suggestion? Just because id like to choose from few, anyone?
Maybe i could buy them on amazon and try em on by myself
And also, could i game on these? And movies?

You could game on these and be perfect for movies np

Another option would be the denon d5200 or for a budget pick some of the sigva’s

Since the headphone have similiar prices what are the main differences between them? Denon and the fostex?

They both use very similar drivers, that give you a similar sound

In italy fostex are almost unfindable, but denon seems ok.
What about those sigva? I read a lot of positive but also negative reviews about them, and also i cant tell the differences between models.

The sivga headphones aren’t as good as the fostex or denon’s, but for the price the Sivga 006 is probably the way to go if you want to keep the cost down, otherwise the denons are great

Watchin zeos review right now, might be the one for the price… And something in between denon/fostex and them? Not that cheap and not that pricy? I like to have multiple options😋 thanks for your time… Wish someone else could give an opinion.

The audioquest nighthawk might fit the bill if it isn’t too much where you live

Audioquest NightHawk Carbon 370€
Denon D5200 511€
Here where I live.
Have you tried them? Because NightHawk seems pretty interesting, also I saw the graphic from Innerfidelity and them seems to reach really deep.
Also i found the sound demo pretty interesting to my taste. Should I go for them for 370€?
Again, film and games are ok as well?

See what the price of the original nighthawk is, it might be less expensive

You should be fine for movies, but I don’t think competitive games would be good on the nighthawks, but for casual gaming no problem

Same price for both models (10€ difference maybe) on amazon here, found them right now from ebay france at 300 (carbon ones). I see on that them are like 250$ fuuuu

Also I should mention that you might be under powering all the headphones that have been mentioned so far, but I would just wait and see after you get the headphones. That might not end up being true after reading some reviews

Yeah they are pretty cheap in the states, and if you can get them for 300 I would go for it. They used to be $700 headphones at launch

Sent a message right now to the vendor to see if them are truly new and to ask him about his sale policy (thats why i like amazon, i could just give em back if i dont like them). Lets see…
Thanks for now, and also if you think about anything else i could watch for, just write it here.
Ill update this anyway!

Sure thing, hopefully you can get it cheaper

After looking reviews and reviews. Bought them. I talked with the vendor and i can return them in 14 days if them dont fit my expectation. New in box. 320€ shipped. Ill update when them arrive.

Got em right now. Ill tell you later my thoughts