Nighthawk Carbon VS AKG K712 pro for gaming

Does anybody have experience with the two ? Both are available for roughly the same price where I live.

Mostly interested in the two for FPS games.

Well, this comes more down to preference imo. What type of sound are you going for? What music do you listen to? What kind of games are you playing and what are you looking for gaming?

Mostly shooters, looking for sound stage and imaging but wouldn’t mind some bass for the extra immersion. Music is little bit of everything.

Hmmm. So for casual I would say the nighthawks would have great fun imaging and soundstage, also very impactful bass, just exciting overall. I think the 712 pro would be better for competitive as I think the presentation of the nighthawks might throw people off if they are doing some hardcore competitive or something. The nighthawks are more W shaped with a bit darker sound but it’s not that dark tbh. The 712 is more neutral in comparison with a slight bass boost as well. Also a bit wider.

So personally for fun and immersion my pick is the nighthawks, and if you want more accuracy the 712 is my pick. What would you be driving them with?

Have a Topping A50 in the post but have a O2 amp for the time being. Ive heard people mention a more 3D image to the Nighthawk, is that real or are they just weird ?

out of the 2 I would go for the 712 for competitive shooters but if you have an amp I would go for a beyerdynamic

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Had a DT990 600ohm as my first high end headphone, started resonating on the right side within 2 weeks. Think it was hair on the driver but couldn’t get it to stop so returned em. not really willing to go back there yet

Yeah if you could get a 880 600 ohm for pure competitive that would be my pick over the 712 imo

It’s just really strange, it’s more like a speakerlike presentation but also is just strange, very enjoyable, hard to describe

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Okay that works, that larger sound stage is what I’m intrigued by. Helps me feel more immersed than some of the narrower headphones I’ve used

I would say Nighthawk Carbon for all around music listening, and fun casual gaming, but Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm for competitive gaming as they have much more accurate imaging and soundstage, but not quite as fun as the Nighthawk Carbon for music.

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which one would have the larger sound stage of the two suggested ?

I would say the akg most likely is a bit larger, but I still end up preferring the stage on the nighthawks imo

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I haven’t tried the K712, but the Nighthawk Carbon is pretty flippin’ wide, and super fun imo.

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I never liked the k712 for anything other than for competitive gaming. Even then it never impressed me. My top 5 comp shooter headphones are the 1. M570/M1070 2. Dt880 600ohm 3. 58X 4. Ad700x 5. SHP9500/Nighthawk Carbon.

Yes the nh carbons can do comp gaming. Like M0N said the NH have a really unique sound and presentation. It can sound soft and aggressive at the same time. It’s weird how these sound boosted in the bass, mids, and treble. The only other headphone that sorta does this is the argon mk3. Like I said it’s really unique and I absolutely love them for everything.

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What game, because if its COD the Nighthawks can do it, they just need an in game eq from the presets. For other shooters that dont have a way to adjust thats stuff I’m unsure on. I play a lot of different shooters though so I can try them on some different ones to verify. If you can spring for it the 95x is still my #1 for gaming, but the nighthawk is right up there with my dt1990 after I tweaked the sound in game.

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I mostly play squad and games like pubg

In that case I’m more inclined to recc the DT 880 600 ohm


Yeah the DT880 600 ohm with a good amp/dac combo like the Fiio K5 Pro, or the XD-05 Plus if you want portable.

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Okay thanks for the recs guys looks like DT880’s 600ohms it is