Nighthawk Carbon vs HD600

I want to sell my Nighthawk carbons and want something that’s better tuned and more resolving.

Would HD600 be a good replacement?

I need headphones that work well harsh pop/ rock music.
My Dt1990 and Aeon Noire are a bit too harsh sometimes but I still want to enjoy those tracks.

As a reference: I think the vocal presence of the KPH30i is optimal for my taste.

The 58X would also be an option but I won’t be able to return them because I live in the EU

What would you use with the 600 (chain)? I personally would like the 650 for something like that.

From all I’ve read about the 600 and 650, I would probably prefer the 600 because they don’t have as much bass and have slightly more details (and are 50€ cheaper)


Ok, what do you plan on using with the 600?

Try Porta pros with yaxi pads

At home I use a Topping A30 Pro and on the go a Topping NX7. Both have a ton of power, are super clean and should power any of those properly

I have yaxi pads on my Kph30i and KSC75 but I want something that’s better so I was looking at the Sennheiser lineup

May power the 600 but will it be a match? I feel it may be too much. Give it a try, but I think you’ll want something warmer or a different chain to help the 600.

Those amps are audibly transparent. I had plenty of headphone amps in the past and I don’t believe in ‘matching amps to headphones’. You just need a clean amp with headroom and youre done

Ok (10 characters)

I mean, how should an amp make something sound warmer when every amp has an absolutely flat frequency response?

Do you think all amps sound the same? Does your phone sound like your topping?

No of course not. I just don’t see the point in getting amps that ‘change’ the sound like tube amps.
When I spend money on an amp I want it to be as clean as possible and just amplify the signal.
If I want more warmth I can still use EQ for free.
But EQ can’t do everything, that’s why I’m considering to sell my Nighthawks and get something that’s just better out of the box

Because some amps are better at doing bass and some amps are better at doing mids, treble, etc. Saying an amp or dac is “audibly transparent” today… Well, as far as I know, they’re all “audibly transparent”. They all “measure the same”. There’s even no point in measuring em anymore. But they for sure don’t sound the same (otherwise, why 1000 companies would make 1000 implementations of the same thing).

All amps (and even DACs) will give you the exact same amount of treble, just, some without the harshness you don’t like.

For headphones… I am treble sensitive, bought HD58X’s, they can also be harsh sometimes. Fixable, but I still bought 6XX’s. No comparison. Really inoffensive treble.


Assuming this is true, I shouldn’t have a problem with my current setup because many reviewers described the Topping A30 Pro I have as ‘warm’.

I also tend to go for the 58X and did some graph comparisions with Crinacle’s comparison tool but I’m still uncertain how much the difference in the measurements actually translate to the real differences in sound

58X will get you more mid-bass “warmth”, but also more harshness in the treble. You can get 6XX’s for basically the same price on eBay, these will be more mid-oriented than bass and mid-bass oriented and I guarantee you the treble from these won’t hurt your ears. They’re legendary for a reason. :grin:

Also you might be treble-sensitive and therefore need amps with way more inoffensive treble than that – if you want to continue enjoying the headphones you already got, just without the harshness. :man_shrugging:

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Well, most measurements are done into High-Impedance (= open circuit) or with constant impedances. The reality often looks something like this:


Since most amps have power curves that tapper off with higher impedances, you could easily “EQ” that way.

Unfortunately it’s pretty difficult to get those Drop Sennheiser headphones here in germany. Importing them is not the problem but the returning process is pretty annoying.
Finding used HD600/650 is actually not that easy either.

I don’t think I’m treble senstive because I used Beyerdynamic headphones for years now.
It’s just not very pleasant on some tracks and especially at night when I’m in that ‘sleepy listening’ state I find them rather discomforting when a badly recorded track comes up.

wait for a 660s sale imo, they’re a better mid point and will feel more like an upgrade to the koss, the 600 might sound too lean for certain stuff

L7 audiolab used a 68 Ohm load when measuring the A30 Pro. Not sure about the measurements on ASR tho

In crinacle’s ranking, the 660 are significantly worse than 650 and 600. And they’re more expensive.
That’s why I considered the 600 and 58X (and 6XX).
They’re the least expensive of the bunch