No BS BASSHEAD audiophiles: List, suggestions and stuffs

Hello pals :grinning:, i was lurking this cool forum for years and now decide to participate and create a first thread.
I know theres already alot of bassheads threads…but this one is connected to NBBA group and the goal is to build a long lasting suggestions list and differentiate the bass need too. So i was thinking to do 2 section, WARM&BRIGHT. Balanced and radical basshead. U shape, V shape, L shape too. Fast and slow. Slam, boom, oomph…Warm and Bright way.
Its a very rich and diversify universe in fact. Their audiophile kinda bass too, Bass-Fi i call it, Final A8000 is Bass-Fi to me for ex, it doesn’t lack quantity to be felt yet have tremendous quality and extension.

This thread is thinked to be chill and open minded, bassheads should be fun people, not snobbish prick that wanna impose their tonal balance preference…

And the suggestions will be taken in account, even if I will update the list myself and tend to want to test all the suggestions lol Im a freak like this. Curious about everything promising fun or impressive musicality.

Oh, and let say basshead IEMs should have about 10db bass boost and up, lower than 8db it can’t be in this list. Apart for Bass-Fi section. I will try to add sound description in the futur when i get more time.

-----DA LIST----


Warm basshead IEM can be U or V or L shape but have lower pinna gain and upper mids-treble boost than bass boost shelf. It can be dark or crisp, but not bright and agressive.

-Audiosense AQ4 (1DD+3BA-180$)

-ISN H40 (1DD+3BA-200$)

-Penon Serial (3DD-300$)

-Final E5000 (1DD-200$)

-Ibasso IT00 (70$)

-Tangzu Zetian Wu (1planar-150$)


Bright basshead tend to be harder V shape or U shape, can’t be L shape. Pinna gain is more often on par or higher than bass shelf and treble is more boosted too. Its agressive sounding, and bass tend to feel faster but it isn’t always the case.

-Audiosense T800 (8BA-300$)

-CCA CSX (1DD-20$)

-Celest Gomiho (1SPD+1BA-50$)

-Acoustune RS1 (1DD-100$)

-Ikko OH10 (1DD+1BA-180$)

-Letshuoer S12 (1planar-150$)

-Raptgo Hook X HBB (1planr+1piezo-260$)

RADICAL BASSHEAD (above 14db bass boost)

-SuperTFZ Force1 (1DD-80$)

Most be tested asap:

-Fatfreq Mini V1 V2

-Fatfreq SE

-Penon Globe and Fan

-IMR R1 and other BH offerings

BASS-FI-Not radical basshead, but exceptional bass quality:

-Final A8000 (1DD-2000$)

-Sony IER Z1R (2DD+1BA-2000$)


No Borders Audiophile channel (not alot of basshead iem or Headphones reviews yet, but it will come soon):

Chifi Love (all about chifi and obscure audio products offering high sound value):CHI-FI LOVE: Reviews, Bargains and News | Facebook


As someone who has owned this IEM I cannot back it being classified as basshead. Its got a great bass experience but it is still very balanced vs something like the Rosefinch which crazy basshead.

Speaking of Rosefinch, I think you need both that and Maestro Mini/Maestro SE in your list


Penon listings I think would fit in different spots on here:

Globe for warm basshead (although to my ears, and only my ears it seems, I find some issues with upper mids)

Fan (OG) for bright basshead (hopefully not just my ears again, but the upward side of the V is sometimes a bit much for me, though the downward part of the V is pretty decadent)

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i was waiting for this one lol i hesitate putting them here…perhaps bassfi would be more appropriate? one thing sure, the bass is what hook attention but the slam isn’t hard its true. but i try to put one rule: 10db and up boost. it follow this rule…but your comments is valid and needed.

you bet mate, those Mini might be more up my wallet possibility but the SE are certainly extremely promising. Mini V2 is coming soon too…

I will get the Rosefinch, their a bit of dualist impressions about them but thats to be expected with rad basshead IEM.

i wasnt a fan of Kbear KS2, find them harsh-sibilant…and boomy in a negative way, not enough well rounded and define…so i was worry Rosefinch is similar…have you heard both mate?

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@domq422 @GooberBM Who’s gonna tell him?

I think it was called something bear? Something Mastro?

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Fiio FH3 and Fiio x Crinacle FHE Eclipse

I only listened to FH3 and quite liked its massive bass, I am a little sad sometimes that i gave it away


nice suggestions mate, i will get those…i think i can due to my sincere love about Penon IEMs aka ISN H40, Serial and Vortex.
Talking about Vortex, it seem their a simple mod to transform them into basshead, just pulling off vent filter with BA filter tool or wtv…

i wonder if FAN 2 are as bassy as the one…oh, 12db mid bass boost…interesting but 2x more expensive than the 1. well, gotta test both then!

daamn…it make 2sec this thread begin and i wanna test 4 iems already lmao

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I have those somewhere…make some time didnt give them a listen, kinda U or L shape bass and since mids treble boost is notably lower it indeed make a bass dominant presentation…subdued by a bit of proper bass punch if i remember correctly…FHE seem to solve this and brighten the top…will give them another listen and surely add them!

appreciate our suggestion mate.

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HarmonicDyne PD1 ----> Lots of bass, lots of bass… :wink: :notes:
It seems to me that there are specified IEMs that are not bassheads!!

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I would not call Fan 2 a basshead set really, kinda like Serial. It has bass emphasis, that’s for sure, but if we’re judging basshead by quantity I don’t think F2 counts. Because while it has a “big boost” of midbass, it’s level with the upper-midrange, not elevated over it.

Bass over upper-midrange is a necessary component of basshead for me.


I’m still on the nose whether this would count as warm boi or a bright due to a quite subdued pinna but spike of piezo treble, but it sounded very warm and thumpy to my ears and I am addicted to the bass of this little thing!


Yep I agree. I think the bass level needs to be compared to treble peak vs boost from 600hz.

@eric_lab I have not heard the KS2 but the Rosefinch is 10000% basshead. It’s not the best quality bass so maybe not what you call bass-fi but should be included, especially at the price point

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Hey man! Thanks for starting this thread. Just curious what’s your definition of a “basshead” set? Because to me those you listed are very great “bassy” sets, but I wouldn’t consider any one of them basshead/rock your ears level because they lack quantity, but I guess you can EQ? For example, a perfect example of a “basshead” to me is the KBear ROSEFINCH and the Maestro Mini/SE series:

oh, its a planar+DD…interesting. 12db bass boost cut it for this list…i just read the brutal Crin review lol…well, it make them even more intriguing! it seem rather niche bright U shape…or W shape…so i guess vocals are very bad? its not always that important if you listen mostly electronic big beat for ex…

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With such a strong bass, the vocals are not bad or not too bad. But for electronic music they are a nuclear bomb. I have had them for 1 year and would never sell them. Crin listens critically, don’t listen to him. It’s a bass fury. :purple_heart: :metal: :notes:

your right and i do understand…but you know, from audiophile point of view anything bassy is call basshead so i might be bias in that regard. The SuperTFZ are the only radical V shape while ISN H40 are radical bassy U shape since its 12db boost. i explain in the post…i hearing ya guys and will surely do update…try to clear this up. perhaps no bs basslover would be a more adequate or no bs bassy…i was going to do 2 sections: lower than 10db and higher than 10db…pehrpas 8-14db section and 14 and up would be better lol ive never consider OH10 real basshead too, since its too balanced…

anyway, this thread is just a beta version for now, so more you guys do suggestions and share opinion, more ill know the direction it should take.

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No worries man :+1: I was just curious that’s all. They’re great bass sets for sure.

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Did I read Basshead? Hello fellow bassheads. In my mind a basshead IEM is a set that happens to have a good sounding/well implemented low end.
Here are my select ones:

CCA FLA - Perfected KZ V-shape signature sound - (Balanced, Warm)
KZ ESX - 12mm DD bass bliss - (Balanced, Warm)
Tipsy Tromso - 12mm LCP DD bass bliss - (Balanced, Warm)
ISN H40 - ISN Classic - (Balanced, Warm)
Tri x HBB Kai - (Balanced, Warm)
Tri I3 Pro - (Warm)
Penon Serial - Penon’s best (Balanced)

There are more that didn’t make it into the video.
KBear Rosefinch (Warm)
Penon Orb (Warm)
HBB Kahn (Balanced)
Beyerdynamic Xelento 2 which I received after I uploaded the video. Most technical proficient DD from top to bottom I ever heard. They don’t sound like they graph it’s crazy. That 11mm Tesla driver is :fire:

TWS rec if you get it below ~80€
Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro (tilting to the bright side)

Bass-fi rec


TFZ No.3 is pretty bassy
IIRC it’s a budget OH10esque set

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nice choice here mate…including some i love alot :wink:

i was wondering if i should add Tri I3pro and your not the only one that mention those U shape bass loving…will add it then!

Kai wasnt exactly my cup of tea but…if i see them being more mention i will add them…find the bass bit too muddy-chuny-pillowy…but it sure is weighty too! and female vocal werent bad. similar to Kbear Ink but warmer, thicker, more laid back way…i think i prefer the Ink and will give them a second listening even if timbre was less natural the bass hit quite hard…14db boost it seem