No Pre-outs found, 2 needed

I bought this Denon receiver back on Black Friday at Z’s recommendation. What I didn’t realized at the time was that it had no pre-outs. I’m looking to expand to some amps and I’m using the HDMI connections to my source. Is there an intermediary device I can use to go Source --> HDMI device w/preouts --> HDMI in the back of the receiver?

There’s the $600 Essence HDACC II-4K, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Are you using powered monitors?

No I’m using passive monitors. Im considering just selling my current AVR and getting an old model as I dont use the HDMI outs/ no need for things like 4k. Basically I just want to add an inline amp between the AVR and the speakers. Possibly tube amp?

I’m still confused on what you are trying to do. Is this a headphone amp or speaker amp you are looking to install? When you say you are looking for a “preout” do you mean line out? If your fine using an old AVR, I imagine you can find some great deals Ebay.

So I use my computer as a source. I connect it to my AVR via HDMI. I don’t have any audio “outs” on my AVR, so I cant add any amps in between the AVR and the speakers. I’d like to try some tube stages at some point for the fronts. Hope that makes it clearer, I can see how my initial post was confusing, my bad!

So what you need are line outs. Which apparently can also be referred to as a “preout” on a receiver from what I just read. An output is a preamp out if you have volume control. Anyway, one option is to make use your digital output of your TV. Or you could just use a cheap extractor like this

That’s EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks heeps and tons!!