Noob requesting help £200-£300

Hi guys,
I’ve currently got a Topping D10 + JDS Labs Atom stack that I use only with my HD6XX.

I’m looking for some recommendations for a pair of speakers for my desk just for music/gaming and also other pieces that I would need to be able to hook it up to my current stack and switch between my headphones/speakers easily
(Also I have an open budget but i’d like to spend around £200-300)

Thanks for any help!

Would you be looking for powered or passive speakers? Also what type of signature are you looking for, and what music do you listen to?

important to note that the atom does have a pre-out rca connection however it does not have a switch to swap between that and the quarter inch. IIRC it does have relay muting so you would need to unplug the headphones unless you got some kind of switch box

If it was a passive speaker setup, I was just thinking to split the output of the d10 to alleviate that issue

ah so split the d10 to the atom and speaker amp respectively and power on whatever you intend to use?

Yeah that’s what I was thinking

I’m basically brand new to all this so I don’t really know a preference between powered/passive. I was gonna say passive since I already have the atom but it seems from what you guys are saying that I can’t actually use that for the speakers? If that’s the case i’d just go for whichever option can give me the best value outcome I suppose.

I listen to a lot of stuff but i’d mainly say jazz/blues/rock/metal and I prefer warm signatures

Thanks for the replies so far :slight_smile:

Gotcha, both are pretty great

In that case, like perhaps an elac debut b5.2 and an amp like the topping pa3? Those are a bit warmer and smoother speakers, good staging as well, and the pa3 is real solid and will stack nicely with the d10 as well. You would just split the d10 output to both your headphone amp and the pa3

Great, thanks for the help!
So I’d just need some RCA cables for the line out that splits into 2, 1 for each amp?
Also any chance you know another amp or 2 that could possibly work in this setup? I’ve been able to find the speakers super easily on amazon but seems like the pa3 isn’t available. If the pa3 is a great choice I can easily pick it up from somewhere else!

here’s an open box listed on ebay

Yes, that is correct

2 of these or something similar is what you would want, and then some shorter rca to chain in the amp

It’s pretty dang solid, I would shoot for that one if you can, the smsl sa300 is also pretty solid imo

Unfortunately I live in the UK and the ebay here has very little listings - postage on that unit to over here is a bit too high haha

I see the pa3 on amazon uk, are you buying from there?

Actually yea if I update my address for the silver unit it seems to deliver here, although it does say it’s gonna take at least 6 weeks, which is a bit of a pain

Can you get from here?

Or here?

Yea I saw that site, looks like I could get it from there. I’ll take another look in the morning.
So just to double check - I need the 2 splitter cables to connect my D10 to both amps, and then 2 more regular RCA cables to connect the amp to the speakers?
Would both amps be in use at the same time? So I’d just have to just turn the amp off I don’t want to use?

You would want the 2 splitter cables, and then another rca cable to connect the amp to the dac. You would also need speaker cables, these are pretty nice for the price, you would need 2 of these as well


Sorry if I’m being dense lmao, don’t the 2 splitter cables cover both amps? I thought the 2 splitters connected the dac to both amps

Ah so those are 1 male to 2 female, so you would also need the patch cables to connect it

Ah I see, so all in all I’d need 2 splitters and 2 normal RCAs for all the amps?