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So, @RockinDave, I just did a quick little experiment for you.

With my European Apple Dongle (Type C) plugged into my S23 Ultra, using Red + Adapter (10ohm), I need to raise volume to 100% to be close to my listening level. A quick run tells me that this is around 70db @ 440hz. For scale, I usually listen to 73-75 and I do review @ 75db nowadays. If you are a loud rocker, you should consider at least 80db.

This unit has 0.5v and it’s a meme, but you get an idea.


@Rikudou_Goku I’m looking to get one from a country that didn’t get the volume cap, that would be better yes? The other countries also have high gain. I also have a Hiby R3 Pro Saber and while it doesn’t have my favorite button layout and features I could use that to run the Zero Red if I get it I’d assume. I also won’t be surprised if later on mods come out for the A306 that can improve on some performance too.

Without the volume cap, you still only get around [email protected]
That is around half the power of the (US) apple dongle btw.
it is also the same power as the previous A105, and that one is quite a bit cheaper, so if you want a Sony that would be less of a rip off. (they both got an OI of 2 ohm iirc.)

(high gain does not exist for the A306 even with Japanese version.)

Even the Walkman guy didnt think there would be a way to remove the volume cap as even the years old A105 does not have that fix.

I’m seeing people say the Japanese variant A306 has high gain, are you seeing that it doesn’t in a link to some specs? Not that I don’t trust you I’m just confused lol




Well at least I have my Hiby R3 Pro Saber if I get the Zero Red. Before I eventually get the A306 anyway for better battery and even lacking high gain then patiently wait in line for the Subtonic Tempest, anyone know the impedance of the Subtonic Storm so I can get an idea if it can even run the Tempest?

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Why not get a budget Android phone with a giga battery and use it with a tiny dongle like the Jcally JA3?

Like the Nokia C32 has a claimed battery life of up to 3 days. You also get better performance from it compared to a dap which is slow af.
Cheaper, more power (from dongle) and better cpu performance.


You’re gonna drive a $5000 set off of a $200 Dap?..I’d get the RS8 :+1:


103dB/Vrms ±1dB @1kHz


6.10Ω ±0.1Ω @1kHz

Storm runs fine off of the r3 pro Saber (especially in high gain or 2.5 bal) but I usually use a Topping G5 or desktop amp with mine for extra headroom.

Because I’m addicted to it’s button layout and pocketable sexy-ness. Plus I don’t like dongles or using my phone for primary listening.

@Ohmboy lol, I was actually asking about it for running the Tempest off the A306 or A105 (which I already own) in the future :sweat_smile:
@Sonofholhorse don’t know if you own either of those but how possible does it sound to run something like the Storm off one of those?

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Unfortunately I own neither of those Sony units; someone like @SoundJedi @toranku or @Xavilaw may know or have a line to someone that can check, though! I will say that, on paper, both Sonys appear to be underpowered for Storm though. You could make sound, but getting good volume or having headroom would be a struggle. As far as Tempest goes, we don’t have anything concrete yet so no sense trying to predict IMO.


Please @nymz test Sivga Sv023!!!

Me when someone wants to drive a $5000 IEM with a $200 source:


An iem at that price should sound great connected to anything with 96kbps music.
I don’t know why in the audio world I notice that people forget the real value of things and the issue of diminishing returns.
We shouldn’t (even if we could) buy and buy iems over 1000€ because their manufacturing value is so much less. We will just be building a business around it.


Lol I was asking about it for a possible guess with the Sony Walkman A306 my dude. In the future I’m likely (hopefully) getting the Tempest which I’m hoping the japanese A306 will be enough to run it okay.

Who exactly decides when the manufacturing value becomes “so much less” and when diminishing returns kick in?..the answer to both of those is purely personal, so saying “We shouldn’t” is somewhat of a sweeping statement a bit like saying don’t buy a Patek Philippe when a Timex tells the time just as well…Some folk have the :moneybag: and can tell the difference so buy a $5k set, some folk have the :moneybag: but don’t give a shit and buy $20 set…each to their own I say lol.


Diminishing return is on everything you buy.

If you do not want to pay much for the sound then you need to stop at something very cheap like the KZ Ling Long $10 or a earbud like Monk Plus $5. Everything more expensive give you huge diminishing return.

It’s up to each and their own if the prices upward is worth it, even if that is a set costing + $1000.


The difference in many high value hobbies is that the items are subject to appreciation or depreciation whilst all IEMs and buds depreciate in value over time.

So using the watch example yeah a Timex and a Patek both tell the time but after 5 years if I managed to buy the Patek from an authorized dealer at MSRP there is a very very good chance it will appreciate in value along with the bragging rights/confidence/use perks I get from wearing it + looks good + the ability to tell time. The Timex on the other hand will only depreciate but looks good and tells the time.

Contrast this to IEMs - we don’t get any confidence boost or perks of recognition outside of our own community for TOTL use. TOTL rarely use exotic materials or true limited runs (without the inevitable mk2, pro, ultra quarterly follow up) - instead preferring exotic driver/spec/tech (all subject to being upgradable parts) to market - and so we constantly see these resold at a discount on the used market as TOTL can only refer to a moment in time within this hobby. IEMs are treated as disposable goods because of how the chifi market churns supply > demand. That makes us value the item solely as a functional item based on use value instead of an investment. And like @Ohmboy says everyone determins their use value case differently according to preference, priority and financial means. Consequently we as a community constantly discuss value but also in the next breadth seem to place less of a handle on diminishing returns as these affect our only judgement criteria - the actual function - the SQ. Personally, I find this really unique within a high value hobby.

So, for me, the issue isn’t people buying TOTL, as is your right to spend your own money as you see fit, but I have more of a grievance with how the dynamics of the industry work as I would like to have my cake and eat it too - and have audio gear that appreciates over the mid to long term albeit without the money flipping scalpers and hyped undersupply of limited runs that ruined other industries like Sneakers, Watches, etc…


I think we all would :+1: but you must take into consideration the “audiophile” world is a niche hobby and the IEM world even smaller (excuse the pun) than say watches, not many folk at their work place would parade their new IEM purchase compared to a swanky new watch :man_shrugging:…regretting the a Patek analogy now :smile: a TOTL IEM is small money compared but I don’t think anyone spending $5k+ on an IEM is doing so for an investment more for personal enjoyment or curiosity as it’s likely $5K is small change for them and they already own many $1K+ sets and sources.